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Advantages of Having A Law Blog

In today’s mobile internet age, any business without a strong web presence is losing the edge to the more web-oriented ones. Traditional practitioners like Lawyers, Attorneys and Law firms are no exception. Prospective Clients whether referral, local, national or international like to learn more about whom they will be working along with, on their most important suits or contracts. Lack of web presence creates a void regarding the Firm/Lawyers information like niche, domain authority, knowledge and also the possibility to reach new clients. The web absence also hurts the Law Firms/Lawyers positioning within the legal community looking for Partners/Associates for their Multi-location Clients.

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Blog-with-a purpose

Advantages of Having A Law Blog

Having a Law Blog or Blawg as it is usually called, answers all the above-mentioned concerns perfectly with little effort and without distracting from the actual practice area. A Blawg where you publish articles, write-ups, your views and even current rulings, offer your prospective clients a single place to know their lawyer better. This information availability creates greater confidence, resourcefulness and enhances your domain authority for current as well as future Clients.

Within the Legal fraternity, having a Blawg gives you an opportunity to connect with your fellow Lawyers/Attorneys both locally and internationally, expanding your reach to new ideas and business. The Blog also acts as a platform to initiate discussions, idea exchange and learning systems enhancing your domain authority both with your clientele and the legal professionals. Let me give you a small example.

Law Blog Advantage – Example

I am a medium-sized American company planning to enter the XYZ Countries/Regions Market and I want to know what are legalities involved that I should look for before taking any steps.

What would I Do?

I call my local Lawyer and ask for help. – If he is well versed with XYZ Countries Business laws and has the know how? Hurray ! My Jobs done! – If not? He refers me to somebody whom he knows or the one he thinks is the best domain expert to help me. (This where your Law Blog helps your positioning and reach)

If my local attorney does not have a domain expert in his know how, what he would do is ask his colleagues and legal mates for referrals. If it’s a prominent region or country he may find a domain expert. If it’s a not so prominent region and he’s not able to find anybody, then where do I go.

The best and fastest tool in such a scenario is the Search Engines on the Internet. I can just look for the Top Law Firms in the required topic for that XYZ country, reach their Blog/Webpage and research them. A Lawyer or a Law firm having a blog gives me a far better idea about who and whom I’ll be dealing with, including their strengths, domain authority, their views about the topic and client interaction history. I can then mail them to my legal consultant, interact with the chosen lawyer/firm over mail, call them or meet them – and many more possibilities.

Isn’t that Fast!

The above example gives a fair idea of how your Law Blog can help you positioning within your fraternity as well as with current and prospective clients. The example stands well in all types of scenarios, whether it’s consulting, litigation etc. A lot more examples can be created, but I ‘m not getting into it in this article. And the same stands true for the geographic reach – the internet has no boundaries. You can also create an alternative income stream with the help of advertising and e-commerce which are covered in the article How to Make Money With Your Blog. You can even set up a bookstore or get paid clients for consulting papers. The possibilities are infinite.

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Why A Blog – Not A Websiteblogging-lawyers-legal-blog

A Blog is more dynamic than a Website and allows greater interaction. A website is a static information point on the internet that has a hierarchy of pages arranged providing information. A blog that is constantly updated weekly or daily offers deeper insights about the organisation or person than a static website which looks more of a marketing brochure. Another reason is the ease of setup. Setting up and maintaining a Blog is far easier than to setting up a Website.

But I Already have a Website

Having a Website does create your online presence but a Blog being more dynamic gives a more versatile platform to interact with the visitors. The content published on the Blog and discussions happening on the Blog pages, give deeper insights into the organizations or individuals domain knowledge and authority. Even most of the top companies having established websites run a blog on their website for greater interaction with their visitors and to be connected with customers.

Q. Can I’ve a Website as well as Blog?

Ans. Yes you can have both on the same domain or different Domains. You can also have a Blog on your website.

Law Blog Topics

The internet is always hungry for content. Other than Law there is no other profession that has all the sides of a hit movie happening daily. As a Lawyer or Attorney, the day-to-day happenings in the legal profession provides you with a vast amount of content even if you choose a micro niche in your subject of practice. From the more common subjects like Startups, Divorce, Succession, Probate and Estate Management to the more complex ones like International Law, Legislation, Mergers & Acquisition to IPR, there is no scarcity of Topic or content. Select the one where you can add more value and give quality views.

Law Blogging Media

Having a Blog also gives you the freedom to choose the content delivery medium of your choice. Though written articles are the most favoured choice for Law blogs you can also use other rich media like including images in you posts to convey the desired message or create Podcasts, Short videos that deliver the content. Blogging platforms like WordPress are so versatile that you can use all of these or one of these as your choice of medium.

Law Blogging Advantages Summarylawyer-lawblog-blawg-advantages

  • Easy to Setup and Maintain
  • Low setup cost and recurring costs.
  • Freedom of medium To convey your thoughts and ideas.
  • Positioning you as an authority within the Legal fraternity as well as Clients
  • Option to interact with Clients.
  • Can be achieved without being distracted from your core practice.
  • Continuous learning enhancing your knowledge.
  • Initiate Discussions, idea exchanges and learning systems.
  • Reach more people with search engines and get more business.
  • Allows to Market yourself to International Clients
  • Create a passive income source using Advertising and other Online initiatives.

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Some Law Blogs That Can Inspire

  • Above The Law

    Above the Law takes a behind-the-scenes look at the world of law. The site provides news and insights about the profession’s most colorful personalities and powerful institutions, as well as original commentary on breaking legal developments. Above the Law is published by Breaking Media. Managing Editor David Lat is the founding editor of Above the Law. Lat’s writing has also appeared in the New York Times, the Washington Post, the New York Observer, Washingtonian magazine, and New York magazine, among other publications.

  • ScotusBlog

    Tom Goldstein and Amy Howe, husband and wife, founded the blog in 2002. Reporter Lyle Denniston joined a few years later. SCOTUSblog is devoted to comprehensively covering the U.S. Supreme Court without bias and according to the highest journalistic and legal ethical standards. The blog is provided as a public service.

  • SpicyIP

    SpicyIp was founded in 2005 by Prof. Shamnad Basheer. Prof Shamnad was working as a Professor of Law in Calcutta University – India. He started his Blogging activity as a part-time hobby. The hobby went so successful that Prof. Shamnad quit his job and came to full-time blogging and created the most respected Intellectual Property Rights blog. His Blog is taken as the most trusted info center for Indian IPR Law and related information. A few of SpicyIP’s achievements –

    • At the time of writing this post, SpicyIP was listed as the 8th most widely read blog about patents in the world. It is the only Indian legal IP blog to make it to this list.
    • Recently, Nobel Laureate Prof Amartya Sen too appreciated the blog for breaking down IP issues into accessible language, yet not losing its delicate nuances.
    • SpicyIP has been included by Lexis Nexis, the leading global legal publisher, as a top IP resource from India.
    • SpicyIP has been included as a top IP resource by the US Library of Congress.

    Do check out.

  • Lawyernomics

    Lawyernomics and a couple of other Law Blogs in the family are owned by Avvo. Avvo was founded in Seattle, Washington by tech-savvy lawyer Mark Britton to make legal easier and help people find a lawyer. Avvo also has a post your question section and boasts of providing free legal guidance to someone every 5 seconds.

Here is a more extensive list The 2014 ABA Journal Blawglawyers-attorneys-create-blog

Want To Have Your Own Law Blog

With the Internet as your teacher creating a blog is a pretty simple. You can just Google about how to create a Blog and there would be thousands of walk through guides. You just have to decide on your niche, domain name and hosting, Blogging Platform and be ready to spend some time on the laptop. Your Blog can be ready in a time of 30 minutes to 3 Hours depending on your technical understanding.

The Easiest Way to Setup Your Law Blog

As a Blogger, I would advise you to use WordPress as the Blogging platform for your Law Blog. As for the Hosting and Domain name for your Law Blog you can Blog on any of the free Platforms like Blogger or WordPress.com, but that’s for hobbyists.

As you’re a professional and you want to be seen as one, I would suggest GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting. With the Managed Hosting plans, you don’t have to get into the technical heavy lifting part. With GoDaddy Managed Hosting, you get the domain name for free with an annual Hosting plan and also frees you from the technical part of installations, backups, caching and other heavy technical jobs. And all this at a cost of not more than $50 for a year. Another good hosting provider with similar features is Hostgator. For more on making a wise decision while selecting a Hosting provider and which plan to buy refer to the Ultimate Guide To Web Hosting Plans

You can check out the 9 simple steps to setting up a Blog and also the most essential Blogging Resources

Want A More Professional Law Blog

The above method is pretty good to create a Blog and start posting your content. Professional Blogging with Business targets is very different. If you want to be a domain authority, target international business and reach complimenting goals then some highly technical aspects creep in. You have to work with the right keywords, conversion, mailing lists, SEO(Search Engine Optimisation) and more. Some tasks like SEO are not one-time tasks and should be left to the professionals.

The best way is to hire a Professional Blogger or a Content Marketing agency to handle the technical part. Hiring or outsourcing the technical jobs allows you to follow your professional practice and create quality content for the Blog. Trying to do it yourselves can be a big distraction from your career and will involve learning an entirely new set of skill in computers and internet technology.

If you are doing it – Do it Right.

If you’re serious about starting a Law Blog – You can contact the Author for a one to one consultation. Schedule your Hangout/Skype Call Now by emailing me at [email protected]

Closing Words

Getting on the online bandwagon doesn’t get easier than this. Start your Law Blog today and see how it changes your Professional life.

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