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Angels Of Blogging – A Sarcastic View Of Online Money Making

A sarcastic view of the current Blogging scenario and so-called self proclaimed pro Bloggers.

The Angels of Blogging Promised Thousands and Millions of Dollars

I came to Blogging some years ago….Completely novice and ignorant. Like you I browsed the Net searching for answers to make a living and career out of Blogging or as the Angels call it “Living The Laptop Lifestyle” or becoming “The ProBlogger”.

Trying to find the answers, I was searching through Blogs, the Angels were there to guide with all the info on how to do it and showed me their Income Statements inscribed with Thousands of Dollars of Ad revenues, Affiliate revenues and more. I followed the Angels to their world, bought their Courses, and subscribed to their lists.

With all that wise advice, there I was working Day and Night setting up and creating a blog with the heaps of unending SEO Strategies, Design guidelines, and the most important Creating Epic Content story. On And On And On And On – I kept working on the Angels advice, they were my new Guru’s and why not – their income statements, followers make them look so. Dreaming about the Angels and the rewards of making thousands of dollars of revenue and a life of freedom ,I was pushing myself through endless tracts of Content, SEO, Designs and Strategies of Making Money with Advertising Programs and Affiliate Sales.

Hurray ! It was time to get rewarded.

It was almost a year and there I was waiting for the reward standing with an invisible Crowd of people like me.

So enthusiastic I was to receive it after a Year of hard work, there I was waiting – straining my eyes to the screen and with the keyboard screeching with letters worn out creating all that content.

And there came the Golden envelopes in the mailbox delivering a golden mail. I was so happy and couldn’t wait to lay my hands on it. Surprisingly the mail was empty but it had an attachment – curiously I opened it and there fell some peanuts into my account. I lost mu spirits and complained to the Angels of Blogging – there they were on their high seats. And they answered – You have to work more – Create more content, more SEO and more of everything.

Disappointed but still believing, I turned around and was about to leave and one of the Angels called upon – “Oh! Wait there an update from Google, you will have to change the way you work learn new things and make changes to the older ones. Or else all that is obsolete.”


To Be Continued………….



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