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How Blogging Helped Me Get Investors For My Startup

Editors Pick – This is an Article written by Marshall Kirkpatrik and an excellent follow-up example to our earlier post “How Blogging Changed My Professional Life“. Click here to view the original post by Marshall – How I raised millions of dollars for our startup from famous investors like Mark Cuban: by blogging a lot.

Blogging is awesome, it can change your life, it can change the world and I recommend it as a key way to join the global conversation around your area of interest online.

This morning I started to respond to an email from Portland’s mega-connector Rick Turoczy asking me to offer some advice about connecting with famous investors to a current member of the PIE startup incubator. I thought it would be helpful to answer the email in a blog post.

Dear fellow startup founder,

The primary thing that has made a big difference for me has been to blog. To write about my thoughts on my industry in a publicly visible way so that my personality and perspective were discoverable.

That’s how Mark Cuban found me, from reading my personal blog, before I was blogging on a big site like TechCrunch. No SharkTank in this case.

One day, years ago, before I had written for TechCrunch or ReadWriteWeb, when I was just blogging on my personal site, Marshallk.com, I got an email out of the blue, from Mark Cuban, asking me to take a look at some proposed changes by one of his portfolio company’s website. There was an odd link to a Russian-hosted server and I thought “why would Mark Cuban email me? This has got to be some kind of scam.” But it had his email in the Reply to field, so emailed him. “Mr. Cuban,” I said, “I think someone is impersonating your email address and sending this weird link out to bloggers.” “No!” he wrote me back, “that was me! I read your blog and I like what you write about search and RSS, and I wondered if you’d take a look!”Blogging-connect-people

And so I did, and our relationship was sparked. Seven years later I was raising money for Little Bird and Portland Startup Mentor Carolyn Duncan said “just shut up, sit down and write out the names of all the high net worth people you’ve met in your work that you think might be interested and email them!” My wife and co-founder Mikalina said, “don’t forget Mark Cuban!” Sure enough, I never delete a GMail, so I went back, opened the old thread and hit reply. The rest is history, and is detailed in this awesome Wall St. Journal article.

But it was all about my blog posts. That’s how I built the connections that led to investors like Howard Lindzon, Jay Baer and Matt Haughey too. Smart people who work on the internet read blogs. Admittedly, Mark Cuban especially reads blog posts. He’s an active blogger himself, he funded the first blog network in Weblogs Inc. (where I later went on to work for Jason Calacanis), he’s a blog guy.

blog-reap-benefitsBut sometimes other people read my blog posts, liked them, liked me, then were interested in my work (including Little Bird) and when they saw it – told their famous investor friends they should check it out. Deb Landa knew my blog, then one day when she was visiting Portland and was in PIE, she knew me, asked to see my work, and thought Howard Lindzon would like it. Howard has now been our most helpful investor source of big intros. Dylan Boyd, one of the most-connected people in Portland, knew me as a blogger and told Jay Baer to check out my company. Jay is one of the smartest investors in the world about our industry. Andy Baio knew me as a blogger and told Matt Haughey about my startup. When old-school social media innovators hear Matt’s an investor, they know we’re the real deal. Not all of our financing has come as a direct result of blogging, our biggest investor is now the awesome Oregon Angel Fund – but even they were no doubt encouraged to invest in my social media startup because of my domain expertise.

“Keep putting out great content. It will come back to you tenfold in unexpected ways.” Jae Baer

So blog, is my suggestion!

Editors Insights

Getting investors to invest in an Idea is the toughest part an Entrepreneur faces. With all those ideas and imaginations rushing through his brain’s the only issue is “Who will Fund ?”. The issue starts with “Whom to approach” and “Will they Entertain the Idea”. Having answers to these questions forehand makes a huge difference in your start-up plans and timeline. The power of Blogging is ignored or underestimated by many. Marshalls article shows how Blogging can be a powerful tool helping you establish authority in your niche and simultaneously build a network that relates with you. Blogging helps you connect with like-minded people and people who are interested in your topic and you.

I had recently published an Article by Jordan Fried which was about “How Blogging Changed My Professional Life” for my visitors. The post was about Jail-Breaking from the 9 to 5 life and getting out of the rat race. The post was welcomed by many and the credit goes to Jordan for the excellent piece of writing. While some people were still skeptical whether and how Blogging can make real world changes in their professional life. I thought about pointing them to some of the Top 10 Bloggers or Richest Bloggers lists, but that wasn’t the answer I was looking for. I wasn’t finding a real world example which would be worth sharing and which is not a “one lucky guy” story. After reading through lots of the Blog posts and “About Me’s” published by fellow Bloggers, one link just caught my eye. It was Marshalls post on How Blogging helped him raise millions for his startup.

In his article Marshall very well conveys how Blogging helped him make new professional contacts, connect with them and establish himself as an Authority in his niche, and how unknowingly this landed him with the startup funding he required while stating his new venture.

Inspired to Start Blogging

Start Blogging Now – Create Your Blog and connect with the right people.

Money Can Be A Great Inspirer

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Feeling Inspired – Wanna Start Blogging

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