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Four R’s Of Selecting The Right Domain Name

Building a Professional Blog that ranks top with search engines and creates a passive income stream is a big jigsaw puzzle where in every piece has to fit in its place. Selecting the right Domain Name is one of the critical pieces of this puzzle. If you wish to build up a successful Blog you have to select the right Domain Name that can be Related, Remembered, Recognized and Ranked by the Search Engines.

Before finalising the Name of your Blog and its associated Domain Name it’s very important to get these Four R’s right. It’s like selecting a Brand Name for your product. The Domain Name you choose now will be becoming the Brand Name of your Blog and will stay with it. Remember that your Blogs Name and Domain Name are things that will decide the success and failure of your Blog, and cannot be changed later on. Changing these is equivalent to creating a completely new Blog and losing all the credibility you may have built.

You can select any Domain Name if its available. You can use your name as your Blog’s Domain name or even your Dogs name (do it if you’re starting a Pet Blog). There are no restriction, but to be successful surely there are some do’s and don’ts. Here are some Don’ts and the Four R’s that you should follow.

The Don’ts

  • No Free Hosting / Sub Domains

    If the you’re Blogging to be recognised as a professional and make it to the top Blog’s List, don’t host your Blog on free Platforms like WordPress.com or Blogger. These though are free but will give you a domain name that looks like “yourblog.wordpress.com”. This does not look professional at all. For more on making a wise decision while selecting a Hosting provider and which plan to buy refer to the Ultimate Guide To Web Hosting Plans

  • No Numbers and Symbols

    Do not go for a Domain Name that has numbers and looks like “Blog4you” or “jobs8home”. These are tough to remember, don’t include numbers till it is absolutely necessary. Use numbers only if it relates with the content you will be publishing or the niche itself (example – alltop10.com or 10biggestinworld). Also don’t use symbols like hyphen or underscores while selecting a domain name, these make them difficult for users to remember as well as the ease of typing.domain-name-success

  • No Country Extensions

    Always Use a .com extension (technically called the Top Level Domain Name) for your proposed Blog/Website. You can also use .net, .org, .edu and some country specific extensions like .us, .br, .eu, .ru and many more, but only is it relates with your blog. Be wise while selecting the tight one. If you want to target global audience the best one is to use “.com” .

    You can also be creative with the new extensions available now like “.it, .me, .co, .biz”. A good example of this is Content Curation site ScoopIt which also reflect with its domain name “scoop.it” or Listing site listly that uses the domain name “List.ly”.

  • Dont make It Too Long

    How is this domain name “www.wordpresspluginsforprofessionalblogs.com”. Always a Big No. Don’t make absurdly long domain names. Try to make it short but connected. Anything more than 15 alphabets is too big.

  • Dont Make It Too Short

    Taking a cue from the earlier point, don’t make it too short also. Don’t try something like cnn.com. That works for CNN, cause they established the brand first and then came the web. While there is no rule that specifies a short one is not good. Try it if it connects with your Blog or Brand, may you get lucky.

  • Don’t Imitate or Mimic The Competition

    Don’t try creating names that are very close to your competitors name or clearly imitate their domain names by jumbling alphabets. That’s cheap and will reflect you as a mimic to your visitors. Creating a successful Blog is about standing out from the crowd and people love connecting with Winner’s not Mimic’s.


The Four R’s Of Selecting a Domain Name

  • Domain Name That Relates

    Always select a Domain Name that relates with your Blogging niche and content. Like in our case we wanted to Blog about Blogging, generating traffic and clicks, so we came up with “BlogsNClicks.com”. The only thing we replaced is the word “and” with the alphabet “N”. That was done to make it shorter and stand-out from the rest. A related Domain Name helps visitors psychologically connect your topic with the domain name. So whenever they think about the topic your domain name should flash in their mind.

  • Domain Name That Can Be Remembered

    While selecting a domain name, keep it in mind that it should be easy and simple. Don’t create complex word games here. Keeping it sweet and simple is the key. Do try new innovative names but keep them related and simple.

  • Domain Name That Can Be Recognized

    This is one tough part of selecting the right Domain Name for your Blog. Selecting a Domain Name that stands out from the crowd but is still related to the topic and yet simple. Oh! Going Nuts By Now. Yes I know its tough, but that’s a one-time effort and that names gonna stay till your Blog is alive. So put some more wits and come up with names that can stand-out of the crowd. Try connecting ideas with different domains like the example of ScoopIT. It’s a content curation website and the name has been related to scooping content from the web like scooping ice-cream. Another similar usage is by newspaper creation site “Paperli” which uses the domain name “paper.li”.


  • Domain Name That Ranks

    Last but the most important is to select a Domain Name that helps you in ranking with the search engines. Including a keyword that best describes your niche into the Domain Name helps you rank better with search engines by increasing conversions. Making it two is even better, which you can see we have done with ours. Check out How Domain Name impacts your SEO and Social Media conversions.

    Search Engines like Google and Yahoo will be the traffic generators for your Blog. For a Blog to succeed, atleast 70% of the traffic should come from search engines. Making this happen is not easy and requires a lot of hard work on content, SEO and becoming a Domain Authority in your topic. As I said earlier Domain Name is a piece in the bigger picture and to fit the piece right you have to choose wisely.

Want To Rank With Search Engines – SEO Audit Top Website Fails for avoiding the pitfalls early on.

Domain Name Tools and Tricks

Use a White Board and write the keywords of your niche at the top. Try to connect your keywords with out of domain words. (Ex. Internet to InfoWay or Highway” Now try every combination that come to your mind and try innovating. Try your cross domain ideas. Sleep over it and again give it a look, you will come up with new ideas. Also mail and message your friends for suggestions. You can also run a contest with the winning suggestion getting a Prize or being credited with a mention on the new Blog.

While doing all this also check for availability of the Domain Name at sites like GoDaddy and Hostgator. The best part is when you search for availability these sites also show you suggested domain names. You can use GoDaddy or Hostgator for hosting your Blog and a Domain Name registration comes free with annual plans.hostgator-domain-registrationgodaddy-domain-registraion

Another great tool to get domain name suggestions is to use Spinxo User Name Generator. The tool is for getting suggestions for cool usernames but can be used for finding some cool Domain name suggestions.

Last Words

Choose wisely. Give it days if required, but don’t Rush. You can do it only once! At least for this Bog.

Also, check out how to create a WordPress Blog in 9 Simple Steps and How to Make Money with your new Blog


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