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Why I Don’t Have A Blog – Top Myths

Top Reasons That Stop You From Having Your Blog

You want to Start a Blog! But don’t think it will work?

Here are the Top Myths and reasons that every Blogging enthusiast has, and also the Biggest of them – Can I make a successful Blog?

Blogging Fear

These are the question and fears every Blogger has faced. After so many years as a Professional Blogger and Online Entrepreneur, I still recall how these clouded my mind with negativity for the first few days. But if you move on with a strong will you shall see how easy it is.


I’m taking care that I won’t discourage you and also not leading you to setting an unreachable goal.


Myth 1.  Starting a Blog will require Huge Investments.

No. That is utterly wrong. You can create a Blog free of cost, only what is required is a Computer/Laptop and an Internet Connection. You can create a Blog on Free hosting sites like Blogger, Blogspot, WordPress, Tumblr and many more. If you are willing to put some investment you can buy a domain name and paid hosting with Godaddy.comBlueHost, HostGator or DreamHost the best hosting provider which is cheap (from 3.95$/month) and hassle free.

9 Simple Steps to Your Own Blog

Pros and Cons of Free Hosting v/s Self Hosting

Myth 2. It’s a Full-time Job

No. Its not a full-time job. You can create a successful Blog even by posting only two hours a day. It s more about quality than quantity that matters become successful as a Blogger. If you can really present topics in your field with a new different or creative way, your audience shall always enjoy and be your fans.

Myth 3. I ‘m not a Software Coder or Requires technical Knowledge.

You don’t have to be. To be a successful Blogger you don’t have to be technical expert or a PHP/HTML coding guy. (Don’t ask me what is PHP/HTML. Its something in software). If you go for free hosting, everything is set up by the provider like Blogger or WordPress. If you are going for your Own Domain and Self Hosted Blog, nowadays most of the Hosting sites provide you with pre-installed or managed services. Even if you don’t have any technical knowledge you can go for  Easy WebSite Creator or Managed WordPress Hosting with Godaddy.comBlueHost, HostGator and DreamHost.

Whether free or self hosted, after this initial step what remains is choosing a theme and start posting. Creating your Blog is a lot easier than what you think. People do talk about SEO and Keywords, but these are pretty easy to be learned in the process. Nothings Rocket Science.

Myth 4. There are Thousands of Blogs like mine.

Yes There Are, so whats the big deal. Blogging is about  your views, ideas, perspectives and knowledge. Though there are thousands also there are more than a Billion people on the Internet looking for information. Some Local info or perspective which you can give on your Blog cannot be given by someone sitting on the other side of the globe. There differences in writing language, style and culture. Some Blogger may be explaining the topic very well in his articles, but you can make good videos on the same topic.

What matters is imagination and an understanding of your Audience.

Blog Criticism

Myth 5. I’m not an expert?

It’s about ideas, new ways..etc. I’m feeling like I’m repeating this stuff. In the above questions I think I have answered this too. So only a last word.

If you have quality content…it will surely show up

Myth 6. Will I be Ridiculed or stalked online?

Ridiculed ! Yes that’s possible, but why do you worry about that. For every new view presented in this world has been ridiculed in the beginning, but you will find like-minded people also. Convert it into inspiration and you shall move to a new horizon.

Stalking! No that’s not possible. Someone might keep on harassing you with negative comments but that can be blocked and reported.

Myth 7. How much will I earn from my Blog?

If you are planning to make a Blog to make money, I would advise don’t do it. You have to be passionate in the topic, learn new skill, research the topic and keep on doing this every single day. That will not happen for long if you plan to make it only to earn money. Yes you can earn money from your Blog but don’t get Blogging with making money on your mind. You will setup your Blog do all the research and stuff , post some articles and earn some cents. Then you will stop.

Blogging requires commitment and love for the topic of choice.  Earning should be a second thought. To know how to make money with you Blog read my popular post   How to Make Money with your Blog

Myth 8. Can I make a successful Blog?

 Yes, you can make successful Blog!

Only if you’re passionate and love the topic you choose. You will have to research, learn new skills and go in for new ways of presenting the topic. If you love the subject yes you can!

Start your Blog in 9 simple steps – Choose the Blogging resources of your choice and here you go.

Want more inspiration – here’s a list of Top 6 Women Bloggers of 2015

Some Closing Words

I’ve tried to make it simple for the most non-technical person to understand. For any queries or suggestion or if something I may have missed kindly post in the comments section.

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Harsh Vardhan

February 16, 2015

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