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Top 10 Tips To Build Your Blogging Audience

Whats a Book without a Reader and a Show without Viewers.

A Blog with no Audience is as Good as No Blog. The painstakingly created content is useless without the right Audience. And when I say right audience – it means people who love the content, relate to the topic and be a part of the conversation. I’ve seen Blogs started enthusiastically and slowly reach the online grave. Why? – Only for one reason – The Blogger lost interest and eventually stopped posting.

Blogger are passionate beings and lose interest when they are not Appreciated. Audience or Fans whatever you call them are the greatest inspiration that keeps Blogs and Bloggers going. With an Audience that relates comes a commitment to deliver quality content, and this in no time builds into a successful Blog.

But beware, building a loyal fan following is an ongoing task, requires hard work and can’t be done overnight.

Here are some excellent tips for all upcoming Bloggers and Bloggers who want to be successful about how to build Audience for your Blog, inspired from fellow blogger Dylan Hearn from Suffolk Siblings.

1. Post regularly

The more regularly you post, the more likely people will find you and follow you. People love to see new content everytime they visit your Blog. Posting regularly adds freshness to your Blog and give people a reason to come again, see what’s new.

2. Post With A PurposeBlog-with-a purpose

Whenever you post have a purpose in mind, how will this help my visitors – what do they get from reading this post. Get down to a micro niche in you topic of Blogging, that helps to serve the purpose. This doesn’t mean all your posts have to be about that, you can add some from the main topic but post more on a selected subtopic that your Audience would love.

3. Not Too Short – Not Too Long

Keep your posts around a 1000 words. Don’t make too long posts. People don’t read till the end if your Posts are too long. The shorter the post, the more likely it will be read to the end.If it is necessary to make a long post due to the complexity of the topic, try making Part 1-Part 2 of the post. This helps user to move to the next part steadily if interested,

4. Write What You’d Love To Readblog-content-read

Just because something is fun to write, doesn’t make it interesting to read. Make sure your posts offer your readers something, whether it’s knowledge, insight or a different perspective.

5. Connect With You Visitors

Try to end your Posts in manner that would generate a response or trigger a discussion. Ask your reader about their views or suggestion. Try ending your posts with a question. If somebody comments on your Post, promptly reply or atleast thank them for the comment. This encourages your readers to visit again and builds a relationship with your Blog.

6. Show Your Personalitymake-your-point-content

Don’t be afraid to show who you are. Write as you speak, an easier way of doing this is to record the post on your smartphone or any audio recorder and then write the same. Be yourself, your reader will love that. When you show your personality in your writing, readers feel like they are interacting with you, than just reading a manual.

7. Don’t Shy AwayMake-Your-Point-blogging

People like good arguments, don’t shy away from giving your opinion. Don’t shy away from giving your opinion just because it may be controversial or provocative. This doesn’t mean all your posts have to be that way, but when the point comes don’t hide. Some readers may not like your view and may get offended, but you will find your core audience who agrees or argues on the subject.

8. Be Gracious

If you are going to give your opinion, expect people to disagree with you. When this happens, read what they have to say and see if it makes sense to you. If it does, then don’t be afraid to concede the point. If it doesn’t, be gracious in your reply. Some of my favourite readers disagree with me often. Occasionally they have a point. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

9. Promote Your BlogBlog-promote-social-media

The WordPress reader is a lovely tool to discover new blogs but it has a limited audience. It was only when I started to actively promote my blog via twitter that my numbers began to grow. WordPress have a great system called Publicize, where you can link your blog to social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) and each time you post it is shared on the social media platform of your choice. Using the right tags and hashtags also helps to promote your blog outside your existing audience.

10. Make You Content Scannable

Don’t Throw a Large Block of Words to your readers. Make your posts scannable. When it comes to reading online, people don’t read – they scan. Make your post scannable by making a list. Always use heading and Subheadings like I’ve used in this one. This helps readers scan the post in a glance and makes reading easy as well as presentable.

Over To You

Do implement these tips and let me know how they worked for you. If you’ve already got your Audience, you can share your tips and ideas about how you built it.

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If you enjoyed post this kindly give a Like and spread it to your friends by sharing on Facebook, Twitter etc. You never know how it may be helpful for them. Expecting great comments, insights and shares.

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