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WordPress Blog in 9 Simple Steps

Create your WordPress Blog in 9 Simple Steps.

Starting your new Blog is not as technical and difficult as it seems. I’ve created 3 Blogs till now and for the first time it took me five days, pondering over notes and a white board with all kind of pointers pointing towards each other. But take my word it’s not that complicated.

Create-a-blogYou must be having question like.. Where do I start from? and How?

Just follow these simple steps and you can see how easy it is.

If you’re still having any second thoughts or fears you should read Things That Stop You From Starting A Blog

Step 1. What will be your Blog about.

Decide on your topic or what are you going to Blog about. It can be anything, there are no rules. Choose a subject /topic you love or are passionate about. Choose something that you talk about, read or discuss about passionately Don’t choose a topic because somebody else is doing it successfully. That is not gonna work. You will not be able to give your 100% and nor are you going to enjoy making your Blog.

Choose a topic or niche you’re currently involved with or learning as it will give you more ideas and will be easy to research.

Step 2. What will be the Content Format?

Will it be Text Articles and/or research posts regarding a certain topic. Will it be collection of such posts by other experts or a curative Blog of your favorite articles. Will it be Text, Images and Videos. You can also create a Blog with Audio podcasts.

Step 3. Identify Your Audience

Who will be your audience. Imagine and write down who will be the people who will be interested in the information on your Blog once it is made. Having a brief idea about the Audience will help you in finalizing the further deciding steps. Understand the crowd that you want to visit your Blog.

Step 4. Finalize a Name for Your Blog

Sum up the first two steps to decide on a Name as well as a Domain Name for your Blog. You can create a blog of your own name or a Keyword associated with the topic/niche your Blog will be about. Share a small description about your plan with your friends, family and ask for suggestions. You can also use sites like SpinXO which can give you a suggestion based on your keywords.

Choosing the right Domain Name is very Important for the success of your Blog as it act’s as a Brand name. So take your time and find the ones that your audience will remember or love to remember.

Read How to Choose the Right Domain Name

Step 5. Free Hosting or Paid Hosting

The decision about Free Hosting or Self Hosted depends upon the targets you have decided for your Blog. Both have their Pros and Cons. Check out the Pros and Cons of Free Hosting v/s Self Hosted

You can create a Blog for free on websites like Blogger, WordPress or Tumblr. You will get a Sub-Domain when you go for free hosting (ex. yourblogname.blogger.xyz). You just have to sign-up using your mail id, select a name, select a theme and her you go….your Blog has started. But there are limitations with a free hosting. Blog. I woin’t get into the details here as this Post is about a WordPress Blog.

If you’re opting for self hosted then you will have to decide on Hosting Service and Domain name provider to place your Blog. HostGator is someone I would recommend for Hosting and Domain name as it’s hassle free. For more on making a wise decision while selecting a Hosting provider and which plan to buy refer to the Ultimate Guide To Web Hosting Plans

Once you have selected the Hosting provider of your choice, decide on a Platform. The common platforms are Joomla, Tyepad and WordPress. The Best and most preferred Platform to use for bloggers use is WordPress. It is free and most of the hosting companies support the platform. After selecting the platform you have to finalize the hosting space and domain name provider. Most of the hosting providers like NameCheap, Godaddy.com, BlueHost, HostGator and DreamHost will provide the domain registration for free with the hosting plan. Hosting plans are priced from 1$/month to 36$ annual depending upon the addition you choose.

If you don’t have any technical knowledge you can go for Easy WebSite Creator or Managed WordPress Hosting with Godaddy.com, BlueHost, HostGator and DreamHost. This saves you from the installation and other technical stuff you’re supposed to perform after Buying the space and Domain Name. You just have to go through a wizard and your Blog is up.

Keep the domain name simple, short and catchy. Don’t make long Domain names like bestfashionaccessoriesforyou.xxx as these are hard to remember and also hard to type.

Read : The Ultimate Guide To Web Hosting and a Complete Review Of Namecheap Hosting and Domain Services.

If you don’t want managed Hosting, you can pay for the regular plan and will have to do the installation yourself.

Step 6. Select a Theme

Once through the Domain Name and Hosting procedure you’re up with your Blog in bare bones. Now you will have to select a Theme from the available themes or upload a custom theme of your choice. There are a lot of Themes available for free on WordPress and you can select any of them. If you wish to show the difference you can get a premium theme from Theme Forest, Theme-junkie, Elegant Themes, Strikingly or DIY Themes – Thesis Framework. I Recommended Theme Forest – You can just hed on to the Envato Marketplace and Choose from a category that suits your industry or topic. Most Themes at Envato are priced from $16 to $59. You can try multi-purpose themes like Enfold, Jupiter, and Avada to name a few.

Uploading, installing and Activating a Theme is easy and simple in WordPress. You just have to select Add New – Upload in the theme selection and then Install – Activate.

Once done with selecting and activating a Theme your Blog would look like you had imagined.

Step 7. Install Plugins

Plugin are like small Apps providing extra features to your Blog. Installing Plugins is as easy as installing Apps on an Iphone 6 from the App Store. Select the Apps from the plugins list provided and they will show up in the Settings Menu. You can further configure the plugins in the settings menu.

You can find some of the best plugins at Envato, that can ease most your tasks and add lot of functionalities to give your Blog/website a premium feel.

Here are the Successful Bloggers WordPress Plugins for a more powerful Blog.

Step 8. Customize the Theme in the “Appearance” Menu “Customize”

Customize the Theme as per your style with Blog Title, Tagline, Header Color, Logo, Background Image etc. Here you can also add widgets of the plugins like Email Subscription, Categories, Tags and Social share Buttons to the Sidebar and Footer.

Step 9.Start Blogging

Your Blog is done and is live now. To start posting and setting up the You New Blog here are some feature you would require. Start promoting you blog with these most surprising ideas to Promote your Blog.

  • Posts : Here you can add new posts to your blog. If you want to write your first blog post, check the left sidebar and choose “Post” -> “Add new”. You can save a post as “Draft” if you’re not ready to publish you post.
  • Pages : Here you can add new pages to your blog. If you want to write your first blog page, check the left sidebar and choose “Page” -> “Add new”.
  • Appearance -> Themes: Here you can change the design and layout. Simply search for different themes and click “Install”.
  • Appearance -> Themes -> Customize : Here you can change the Background, Header, Logo, Sidebar Widgets and Footer Widgets
  • Settings -> General: You can change your blog name, tagline and e-mail address.
  • Plugins: Plugins are small apps that add extra features to your blog, for example newsletter sign-up, design elements, contact forms etc. Simply click on “Add New” to find interesting and useful plugins.


Recommended Training Course if you plan to set up a Successful Blog –

  • Handheld Blogging 101 – Set up a self-hosted WordPress blog with NO previous experience and have someone holding your hand through the process.


Check out the Blogging Resources for more resources and tools. Transform your Blog to a Power Blog with tools used by Top professional Bloggers.

Happy Blogging

You can monetize your new Blog to make money for you. To know how to monetize your Blog read How to Make Money with your Blog

Want to know how to make money with Google Adsense with your New Blog.


If you’e a writer having great writing skills, you can try posting a Guest Post on Blogs n Clicks

Some Closing Words

If you face any problems with your Blog setup, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Want a Blog but don’t want to get into the Creation, Designing, Promotion and SEO hassles? Leave it to us. We will do it for you. Reach us with Contact Us or mail us at [email protected]

I have tried to make it as easy and simple for the most non-technical person to understand. For any queries or suggestion or if something I may have missed kindly post in the comments section.

If you enjoyed post this kindly give a Like and spread it to your friends by sharing on Facebook, Twitter etc. You never know how it may be helpful for them Expecting great comments, insights and shares.

February 18, 2015

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