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How To Increase Your Google Adsense Revenue

While a lot has been written on Increasing Google Adsense revenues, most discussions miss the crux. Most articles on the subject are about Ad placement, sizes and then some useless crap which is of no use. None of the so-called experts delve into the real tweaks that can change your Googel Adsense revenues or the technology part of Adsense.

With this post, I’ll get into the details of what decides your Adsense revenues and some tweaks that can help you increase your revenues for sure. This post liberally uses Adsense Terms like CPC, CPM, CTR etc. If you’re not familiar Google Adsense term kindly read this first – Understanding Google Adsense Terms

Note : Adsense revenues depend on Content, Traffic, Geography and Converstion. Like you, Google as a Ad Placement service is also intrested in better conversion and optimizes its systems accordingly – So Don’t Over Do – You may lose.

How Google Decides On What Ads To Show

Google places Ads on publishers websites using two methods –

1. Contextual Ads: These are Ads based upon the Context of your Blog/Website.

2. Personalized Ads: Based upon the page viewers browsing and search history.

What Ads will be displayed on your website depends on What Inventory Google Has At That Point OF Time. So though you have control on what type of Ads would be shown on you Website you have very less control on whether will be Contextual or Personalised.

In the case of Personalised Ads as a Publisher, you have no control on the visitors browsing history, and so the Ads shown, CPC or CPM.

In the case of Contextual Ads, the CPC and CPM depend on the Niche of your Website or Blog. Some niche like Banking, Finance, Insurance, have Advertisers with better CPC and CPM rates. While some have lower CPC- CPM rates.

Contextual Ads & Your Niche

This is the toughest part- As this post is about increasing your Adsense earnings, that means you already have a website or Blog related to some topic, catering to some audience. If you’re starting new you can choose a topic that caters to a niche that related to high CPC Content. But what if you already are into a niche and having an audience. Let’s get down to both the scenarios.

I’m starting a New Blog / Website

If you’re starting a new Blog or Website, you have a chance to choose a niche that has higher CPC and CPM rates. read the Google Adsense documentation or Understanding Google Adsense Terms to get familiar with terms like CPC, CTR, and CPM. Next, you can refer to my earlier post How to get high CPC Adsense Ads. Use the Google Adwords Keyword Planner or Semrush extensively to find a micro-niche in your choice of subject that pays. I recommend Semrush as a preferred tool as it gives better insights than the Google Keyword Planner.

What is a Micro Niche – A micro niche is a sub topic of your niche. Try to divide your niche into small parts – example: Photography – Amateur, Professional, Point & Shoot, DSLR , Lenses, Lights, Software etc. Use Keyword Planner or Semrush to find the CPC, CPM and focus accordingly.

Helping Hand – How To Create A Premium Looking Blog or Website in Less Than $ 200

Already Have an established Website/ Blog

As you already have a Blog or Website with an Audience means you have content and cannot jus change the niche. But what you can sure do is optimize your Blog to get higher CPC Ads. There are Two ways to optimize.

  1. Keyword Planner or Semrush to find the high paying micro niche in your topic. Don’t just give a casual search – use the tools extensively and note down the keywords search history and advertising costs. Posture yourself as an Advertiser to find the highest costing keywords in your niche. Now optimize your existing content with the data you have at hand. This is a grueling but surely rewarding task. It will not only increase your Adsense revenue but also higher organic traffic.
  2. Use an Artificial Intelligence based Ad Optimization and Mediation platform. The best one and my recommended platform is Ezoic. You can find more on this further down the post.

Traffic and Geography

Traffic and geography play a very important role in your Adsense revenues. While most of you understand that more the Traffic – more the money. But things aren’t that simple. 10000 visitors from US, Canada and 10000 visitors from the Baltic states or Asia – the revenues are very different. CPC- CPM rates differ according to the Audience geography. An Ad click from a US based visitor may pay you $1 while the same from India pays $0.01 – the difference is vast.

Companies are willing to pay more to target customers in the Nothern Americas than in the Baltics. The same stands fro Europe to Asia. Try to optimize your content and write with the American audience in your mind. Use $ as your preferred currency while writing prices. Set a geographical target in Google Webmaster Tools. Optimize your content and Marketing to get more US based traffic.

Design and Looks

Cheap = SpamWebdesign-Looks

Your Website’s design really matters if you want to increase your Adsense revenue. A shabby, cheap looking Website/Blog can be easily differentiated from a Professional looking design. Internet users over the years have grown wise after being spammed over the years due to deceiving links and ads on cheap websites. This has caused an association of Cheap, Shabby looks to spam.The new age user desists from Clicking anything on a cheap looking website. So even if you’ve genuine content and great information your Audience may not click on the Ads. This hurts your CTR and will lower your earnigns.

What To Do?

The only way out is – get a professional looking Website. If you’re using WordPress, stop using the free Thems. Headon to Themeforest and get a premium theme. If you’re using any other CMS platform or an HTML website, you can find great HTML templates and themes for Joomla, Magento etc. on Themeforest. Themeforest has Themes and Templates for almost every type of Blog, Magazine or Niche site.

Give this a try – Most Themes and templates on Themeforest are priced from $19 to $59. I don’t feel it’s anyway hard on the pocket. A Premium professional looking Website/Blog instills a confidence in the Visitor about the Ads being shown on your Blog and gives a rich look to your content. Do not ignore this point as it also speaks a lot about your commitment to the Blog/ Website.

Today’s Internet user can identify an Advertize from the regular content -And that’s good. Don’t ever try to deceive your visitor into an unintentional click. This doesn’t pay as Google monitors the amount of time spent and actions taken after on the Advertised page after a click. This may get you penalized or banned altogether. I can tell you from my own browsing habits – If something really interests me I will surely click.

Helping Hand – How To Create A Premium Looking Blog or Website in Less Than $ 200

AI Ad Optimization and Mediation Platform

As mentioned earlier in this post – if you have an established Blog with Content and good traffic – Try Ad optimization. Ad optimization till some years back meant experimenting with Ad Placement, Ad Sizes etc, but with the advent of newer technologies, the same is being taken care by artificial intelligence based Ad Optimisation and Mediation Platforms. The advantage of using an AI based platform is it removes all the trouble associated with experimenting and Mediation gives you higher CPC- CPM Ads for your Web real estate.

My most recommended and trusted Ad optimization and mediation platform is – Ezoic.


Ezoic is a Google award winner and Google Certified Publishing Partner that provides AI based Ad optimization and mediation platform that works with Google Adsense. Ezoic has been founded by one of Google ex-Adsense executives and complies with the Google Adsense terms and conditions. Ezoic automatically tests Ad Placements and Sizes on your Website or Blog and also serves as a mediator for placing Ads on you Blog from Google DoubleClick Ad Exchange giving you higher CPC and CPM rates with access to premium Advertisers on the Google DoubleClick Ad Exchange program. And it works seamlessly with your existing Google Adsense account.

Try Ezoic for Free

Ad Sizes

This really matters – Ad sizes make a big difference to your Adsense revenues. Choosing the wrong sizes can hurt your Adsense revenues a lot. The most important thing about Ad sizes that you should understand is that it’s not about your website, but about the Advertisers. Advertisers create their Ads in different sizes which are then delivered by Google to the publisher’s website where it matches the size, keyword, and other Ad placement criteria. So the problem is even if you match all other Criteria but don’t have the corresponding Ad Size slot on your Website, the Ad is not served.

The best way to get the most Ad inventory delivered to your website is to choose the most common Ad Sizes preferred by Advertisers.Advertisers normally prefer the following Ad Sizes.

  • 336 * 280 : Large Rectangle
  • 300*250 : Medium Rectangle
  • 728*90 : Banner
  • 300*600 -Large Skyscraper
  • 320*100 – Large Mobile Banner

Use the Automatic Responsive size and the large mobile banner for your mobile content and stick to the recommended sizes as Advertisers also prefer these sizes for their Ads. Choosing an uncommon Ad Size will affect the fill rate as Google may not have enough Ad inventory on that Ad Size for your Audience which will lead to lower AdSense revenues.

No. of Ads – The Balanced Approach

The answer here is simple. Go with the Google recommended not more than 3 display Ads on a page. Though you can experiment with a mix of Text and Display Ads. I would recommend keeping it to 3 Display Ads with an option to show Text ads if the slot is not filled. I recommend this specifically not from the earnings point of view but not spoiling the Visitors experience. Also less Ads make your site look rich and a safe website. A clutter of Ads on a page would create a unconscious feeling of being on a spammy page.

Ad Placement

You must have seen newspapers and magazines. There are Ads on the Top of the first page, in the middle and bottom. Then on the second page and so on. Try to place an Ad in your local newspaper and you would find the First page Top is the costliest, then the center and the least would be on the third page onwards.

Your Adsense Ad Placement works on a similar principle. The top Header and Above the fold are like the first page of a newspaper which a user will see without scrolling. The below the fold space is like the second page and onwards. So place a 728*90 banner in your header, one large rectangle on the sidebar above the fold and 600*400 skyscraper on the below the fold. You can add an Automatic responsive Ad above your Content or in between the content. But do it cautiously as it should not spoil the user experience of your website.

Your Techniques – Your Thoughts

I’ve tried and put all the aspects I believe matter the most in deciding Adsense revenues. You can experiment more with Ad sizes and Placement using Variations. Let me know your tricks, what worked for you and the results so as to improve this post for the better.

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