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How To Make 50$ Daily with Google AdSense

Making 50$ daily with Google AdSense is easily possible. Here I’m just placing the math and some specific requirements that make this possible. Not all fellow Blogger may agree with me as some say it’s difficult to work with Google AdSense and make money. For me, it’s still the top Pay Per Click Advertising network with the highest quality ads and also the highest paying Ads, depending upon what you are doing with it.

Making money with AdSense is the first thing every Blogger tries when they start with their Blog. Some succeed while some give up giving a variety of reasons and switch to other AdSense alternatives. The reasons are various like Ads have Low CPC, Page RPM’s are low and the last being Ads are not good.

(I assume you understand Google AdSense terms like CPC, CTR and PageRPM) 

Google AdSense is so far the biggest and the best Advertising network you can get. There are specific requirements to make money with Google Adsense which I’ll be suggesting below.

This post is not about creating a Blog or how to select a niche, but I’m just going to say what are the requirements to make 50 dollars per day from your existing blog (or even the new blog you are going to start) from Google Adsense.

The Simple Math to make 50$ daily from Google Adsense

So let assume you have an average PageRPM of $5, which means you get 5$ for every 1000 page views. To get $50 you would require around 10000 Page views every day. With around 2 pages per session, this makes to 5000 visitors a day to your Blog.

Now that’s tough.

10000 Page views a day or 5000 visitors a day is pretty tough even for the experienced Bloggers.

Don’t lose heart, still $50 a day is possible. Here’s where the CPC and CTR come in focus.

Let’s assume a CTR of 0.5%  which means 5 Ad clicks in 1000 impressions (that’s easily possible) and CPC around 10$ then the above math comes to 1000 page views daily to make 50$.

Now it looks pretty easy!

The Requirements to Make 50$ from AdSense

Yes it’s possible, but for that you should have AdSense Ads with a CPC of $5 and more as well as the content to make those 1000 page views possible.

1. Content

So how many articles or posts would you require for generating 1000 Page views or 500 sessions.

Let’s break down the 1000 Page Views per day

50 articles or post that can generate daily 20 Page views each
100 articles/posts which can generate 10 Page views each per day
200 articles/posts which can generate 5 Page views each per day.
You may think that’s getting too much. Then how about just 5 killer articles generating 200 page views each.

I know its tough to come up with great ideas to post, so it’s up to you to decide.

2. Getting High CPC AdSense Ads

This is where most Bloggers fail. Even with the required page views Bloggers fail to make much money with AdSense due displaying low CPC ads. Getting High CPC Ads depends on lot many small things like placement, niche, keywords, audience geography etc.

You can check this article about How to get the highest CPC with Adsense.

3. Improve on other Factors that decide AdSense Revenues

Some factors like geographical targeting, keywords, niche and Ad placement decide the key factors of your AdSense Revenues. Working on factors that decide AdSense revenues help you to get the desired PageRPM, CPC and CTR rates. Use premium SEO and Keyword Tools like Semrush, (this is the best and my most recommended tool) for keyword and CPC research. Always use a premium theme as it helps in delivering SEO meta tags properly increasing your Traffic. You can find the best premium themes for $4 to $59 at ThemeForest.

4. Don’t forget the Basics

With all these in place making 50$ per day with Google AdSense is easily possible, though will require some hard work to start with.

If you have more than 40000 page views every month and don’t want to depend on visitors clicking Ads, then you should try some of the CPM Advertising networks to get higher revenues with your Blog.

Some Closing Words

Kindly suggest any ideas you think should be included in this post.

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Harsh Vardhan


  1. i guess i have to concentrate in getting more traffic to my website by promoting it and also think well before choosing the right keywords.

  2. But really not easy to get it!!

  3. seems like it easy to reach, but the fact is not like that. we need patience, pray and hard work.

  4. I think your add placements are not good, they are very down below the article. You need to place few of them in the middle and the top, i am viewing a mobile website,all your adds are very down all in one place , this way no will see them.. I literally had to scroll all the way to bottom. Improve add placement.! And nice article 🙂 helpful

  5. Just waste. Are you yourself making 50 dollars a day?

    • A simple answer to your question is – Yes! and to be precise more than that. Also anyone can achieve this over a period but requires commitment and constant study. The foremost requirement to achieve $50 a day is the number of Pageviews, Impressions, Niche and Geographical Targeting. You will have to build the appropriate high quality content for the exactly chosen audience and content building takes time. There is no shorter route.

  6. You have actually done the right thing to every blogger who have doubting spirit that it is not possible to earn more than $50 with adsense daily. I like the word ‘Killer content of up to 3000 words’ that is the magic.

    Thanks for the recommendation, i will share this post to my loyal readers

  7. Thanks for teaching me the basics rules that apply to making money on AdSense. I never really thought about the CTC rates about certain keywords, though. Anyways, seems like I have a lot of work to do. Anyways, just shared your post even though none in my social group are blogger. Still, I do hope others get to read your post. Anyways, thanks.

  8. Nice article for blogger like us http://webglut.com. I was just getting on an average 2 clicks and 250 impressions. I was frustrated but after reading this article I am confident because my site only 2 months old. Can you please check my site if anything wrong I am continuing with.

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