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Behind The Scenes of Paid to Click Sites

Paid To Click – Ad Sites – What They Show? How they work? How they Fail?

I frequently write articles about how you can make money in your free time with Paid To Click sites. I like them because they are the easiest way a non-skilled person having only basic computer knowledge can make money online. PTC Sites can help Students, Stay at Home Moms, old people and unemployed youngsters a source for some income. Though the income may not be much but is better than nothing. Also the time required to earn this is hardly 10-15 minutes.

In all my posts regarding making money with PTC Sites I always advise not to invest a single penny from your pocket and don’t over indulge, however tempting it may seem. If it’s a scam what you lose is just the 15 minutes spent every day.

I have used PTC sites as source of extra-income in my early days of Blogging, as being a full-time Blogger is a hard hit on finances. Finding a genuine PTC site is a tough task. Hundreds of PTC sites are started every day, each offering great click rates, various models of referral programs, points, coins and membership incentives. 99% of them are scam which start with great offers, take your money and then close the shop. But some of them are Genuine and are working for long enough to be trusted.

1. Neobux

2. Clixsense

3. Paidverts

4. CashNHits

5. Buxvertise

Paid To Click Sites – How they work? Why they Fail?

The Basics – What it Looks to Members.

For the Members the Paid To Click sites look as an Advertising Network which pays for watching Ads. The Advertisers pay for the advertisements and the member gets a part of it while the PTC owner keeps the rest. The Member is given an additional chance to make some more money with image grids and points offers. The member gets paid a commission if he brings in referrals and can earn more if he takes a premium membership

How it Actualy works?

Paid To Click sites work as an Advertising Network cum Traffic Exchange. The Advertisors pay for the advertisements and number of page-views. While clicking Ads, what you don’t realize is your also giving a page-view to the Advertisers website providing him with extra Traffic. The PTC site makes extra profits with luck based image grids, coins for visiting a site and premium memberships.

With the image grid the PTC site actually fools the member into watching extra Ads and giving extra pagehits, making money for the owners. The coins given for vsiting websites are actualy paid page-views for the Advertisor. These Coins are no way useful other than upgrading your Account on the site.

The Premium Membership is the biggest profit the PTC site makes as it is the same money they paid you to Watch the Ads+Traffic

How they Fail?

PTC Sites work on referral system and get into problem when they have more members than the actual number of Advertisements. To overcome this difficulty some PTC sites give the members Coins or Points for placing Adverts. The member can use this points to get a premium membership or high value Ads. While some of them use recycling of Ads, i.e Ads are forwaded to other members if not clicked by a member in a specified time period. All this is performed using complex strategies and is balanced to make profits for the owners. But as with MLM Schemes, not everybody is able to keep this Balance.

Some of the Sites have mastered this art while some struggle, and eventually close down.

Things you should Read before you start

Here is a list and details of the Top 5 Best Paid To Click sites who have over time proved to be genuine by paying on time and surviving so long.

My advise to newbies who want to make money with PTC Sites, do-not invest a single penny from your pocket and don’t over indulge, however tempting it may seem. If its a scam what you lose is just the 15 minutes spent every day.One good site to look for whether a PTC site is a scam or not is PTC Investigation. Search Google for complaints in online complaint forums before joining.

If you’ve decided to join Clixsense, check out how to make 1000$ a month from home with Clixsense.

For those who want to join Neobux, read the Ultimate Neobux strategy to make 10$, 20$ to 50$ a day.

Some Closing lines

I advise readers to first verify a sites credentials and genuineness. Do not use your money to register or upgrade with any of the PTC sites.

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Harsh Vardhan

February 25, 2015

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