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Best Ways To Make Money – Podcasting

Monetizing your Podcast is the best way to convert it from a hobby to a professional commitment. I always believe that Money is a form of appreciation for Hard-work. Converting a passion to a full-time profession requires monetary support and if the passion itself makes that money, it gets awesome. Your Podcast combined with the right resources can drive massive income, and new professional levels of opportunities.


Find A Sponsor

  • Archer Avenue

    Archer Avenue pitches your show to their sponsors to find the perfect match for your podcast. They also create custom spots based on your show and audience, and you can set the number of Ads for your shows and have final approval for every sponsor they book for you. You can Host your audio files anywhere and their podcast tracker handles everything and provides you with real-time download stats, performance, and more. Archer Avenue takes a commission and pays you electronically every month.

Advertising Programs

  • Blubrry Media bubrry-podcast-hosting-make-money

    Podcaster can earn money on their shows through Advertising deals offered by Blubrry. Blubrry is offering Podcast Hosting and Advertising since 2005 and is one of the oldest in the podcasting arena. Revenue Sharing is 70% Podcaster / 30% Blubrry. They offer CPM, Flat Rate, CPA & Hybrid Based Campaigns.

  • PodTrac

    Podtrac is the leader in measurement and advertising for premium online shows and audio and video podcasts. Podtrac provides publishers with free audience measurement and demographic research for their shows, and best practices for show attributes and formats which resonate best with audiences.

    For content creators who have achieved a significant audience, Podtrac also serves as their business and advertising partner providing expert advertising representation and advertising program management. Podtrac enables publishers to grow their audiences.

  • SoundCloud

    SoundCloud is a free Hosting provider for Podcasts and earns by inserting adverts in your Podcasts. But SoundCloud Premier Partners have the option to monetize their content in the U.S. and earn revenue generated on the platform. The work on a revenue sharing pattern. Premier Partners gain access to exclusive features, promotional opportunities, and can start making money on the platform. For now, access to Premier is by invitation.

  • LibSyn

    Podcast networks such as Wizzard Media (LibSyn) welcome any podcaster that has an audience, because that means they can sell advertising against it. With all Libsyn plans you have the ability to opt into their advertising program – an easy way to earn money with your show by running advertisements. The network collect shows, categorize them, and sell advertising on a CPM (cost per thousand) or CPA (cost per action) basis. Using either their show programming or social media, podcast producers promote show-specific coupon codes for their sponsors. Every time one is used, the podcaster gets paid. LibSyn also offers a hybrid advertising solution for podcasters that want to make more money by landing their own sponsors, yet still need the crutch of an ad network to fill out any unsold inventory.

Affiliate Marketing

Pat Flynn – from Smart Passive Income

You can use Affiliate Marketing for monetizing your Podcasts in a great way. Pat Flynn is a great example. He chooses products that he knows and can truly recommend, and he knows his listeners will appreciate them, too. Just look at his BlueHost income! He gets that because he made a video that communicates great information targeted for his audience, and it happens to promote his affiliate link. Michael Hyatt is also having great success with this. check out this post How Pat Flynn is making a Killing with Affiliate MArketing

Part Free Part Charged Shows

This can be implemented in two ways –

1. Part of the show is free and the rest to paid subscribers only.

2. Some of your shows are charged while others are free.

ScreenCasts OnlineOne of the innovators of this technique is Don McAllister, host of ScreenCastsOnline, a weekly video podcast of “how to” Mac software tutorials. McAllister gives away every other episode and makes viewers pay for the rest ($57 for the first six months) which includes additional bonus content and hi-res videos. For some like Israel Hyman of Izzy Video the formula has become his livelihood for the past three years

Like McAllister and Hyman, the Never Not Funny podcast didn’t begin with a paid model. Pardo and his co-host and producer Matt Belknap created 100 shows for free first, and then switched to the partial show free, full show paid model and it paid off

Build your Brand-Sell your Services / Product

You can sell your own services like one-to-one consulting or coaching using your Podcasts. For this to be successful you will have to show your mastery in the topic through your content. The other way is to sell products like e-courses or audio books or even a repackaged bundle of gear from Amazon. You can couple your Podcast with your Blog or ecommerce enabled Blog/Website and see how easy it is to make money with your Podcasts.

Other Tools and Accessories

Podcasting success depends on content and media quality of the content. Here’s a list of the best associated tools and resources that you can use, making you a real professional and your content recorded at your home office sounding like straight from the Studio.

Moving Forward – More Professional Resources

Some Closing Words

Let me know your way for making money with your Podcasts in the comment section. If you plan to start Podcasting and are confused where to start, contact me and I will surely help you.

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Expecting great comments, insights and shares.

April 2, 2015

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