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How To Make Money With Your Blog

Make More Than $10,000 per month with your Blog

You created the Blog and painstakingly designed it to get the final version. You worked every night to get all the content in place, even forgot when you last had Sex. You worked for 16 hours a day and with lots of hard-work made this Blog what it is today. And for all this hard-work, creative ideas and sex-less nights, you deserve to be paid.

Your Blog can Make $10,000 Every Month for You.

Here I’m listing the best ways to make money from your Blog with short explanations of each option. There are a lot of different ways to make money online from your Blog and you can implement most of them in combination to get the best results according to your specific niche.

Don’t have Blog yet 9 Simple Steps to Create Your Own Blog

1. Ad Space Monetization

The foremost and most common way to monetize your Blog is to place Text & Display Ads. As a Publisher you command your online real estate and with decent amount of visitors you can easily make 100$ to a Few 1000$ every month by just placing Ads.

To place Ads You will have to sign-up for Ad networks to get an approval and once approved you can start.The sign-up to approval process usually takes anywhere from 2-15 Days depending on the Content quality, Blog traffic and choice of Ad Network. The leading Ad Networks are pretty strict in their guideline and policies, so make sure not to violate any policies as joining is a tough task but losing your Publisher membership is a matter of hours with no appeals/requests.

To get the best results you can join any of them from the list.

1. Google Double Click (Only for Very High Traffic – You can command the price)

2. Google Adsense (Available to beginners with low traffic. But very strict in policies.)

3. OpenX ((Best for Blogs with very high traffic – You can auction Ad Space)

4. Medianet – Yahoo & Bing collaboration Network ((Available to Beginners)

5. BuySell Ads – (Best for Blogs with very high traffic – You can auction Ad Space)

6. OutBrain – (CPM Ad Model – Good for Average to High traffic)

If you decide to use more than one Ad Network, be careful that no program policies are violated. In one of my posts I have simplified how to make Money with Google AdSense.

Also Check out the Top 10 CPM Advertising Networks of 2015

2. Content Monetization

Text Content

Other than selling Ad space on your Blog, you can monetize the content also. Most of the leading Ad Networks provide In-Text ads which you can place in between the text of your blog.

Another more powerful way to make money using content is to use TextLink Ads. TextLink Ads appear only when the visitor hovers the mouse pointer on specific words in the Content Text. Words linked to Textlink Ads are double underlined and so are identifiable. Some of the leading providers for Textlink Ads are Infolinks and Kontera.

Be careful using Textlink Ads as it destroys the visitors reading experience.

Audio Video Content

You can monetize your videos with Google Adsense for Videos (AFV) program. You get paid for Video Ads placed before your Videos and banner ads at the top of your Video when its playing. For smaller publishers who don’t have self hosted Video Content one can use Youtube Partner Program to monetize Videos. You require an approved Adsense login to apply for Youtube or AFV programs.

You can also start Podcasting and make money with your Podcasts.

Know more about Google Youtube Partner Program and how to Make Money Podcasting

(This is a Very Extensive Topic and shall be covered in a later post)


3.Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the most powerful money-making tool for Bloggers. According to the niche of your Blog and Visitor demographics you can recommend Products from Affiliated stores. You’re paid a commission for every purchase made by visitors referred by you. Even if a person referred by you does not purchase the recommended product and buys something else, you get a referral commission. For products advertised by you commissions are around 5% to 50% of the sale value. Referral commissions are generally around 3%-5%.

Commission Junction, Clickbank, Ebay and Amazon are the leading Affiliate programs with the widest product category and timely commissions.

The best Development in the Affiliate Marketing space is VigLink and SkimLinks. With VigLink or SkimLinks you don’t have to register with each and every vendor for affiliate marketing programs. You just have to register with Viglink or SkimLinks and it automatically links all your product recommendations and mentions to Affiliates. So if you are a reviewer and mention Samsung Galaxy S5 in your review, it will be automatically linked to the product on Amazon.

To make more money without the hassles of creating multiple Affiliate accounts and links use VigLink or SkimLinks

Read : Complete Review of Skimlinks

Read – How to Promote Amazon Products Across Geographies and Multiple Amazon Stores using Skimlinks


Master The Art Of Affiliate Marketing

Earn $1000 and More Every Month With Xero To Millions

Learn the secrets to Affiliate Marketing success with Xero To Millions -Affiliate Marketing Mastery training program and start your Affiliate income in the next 30 Days.

4. Affiliate Product Sales

You can setup an e-store with a shopping cart and direct check-out facility on your blog using Affiliate Marketing programs like Amazon and Ebay. This partnership with market leaders like Amazon enhances your blogs credibility and domain authority. Your readers will be more engaged on your Blog if you can recommend the right products.

Ex. If you have a Photography Blog then you can recommend a ” Canon EOS Rebel T5i ” with an Add to Cart option from within your Blog.

5. Products, Ebooks and Hard Cover Book Sales

You can create an E-Book on your select topic and sell it at a Discounted price directly from your Blog. You can also sell your niche specific Products or even a Hard Cover version of your book. This helps you engage more with your readers and a good source to establish your authority in the topic.

Tools to set-up E-commerce facilities on your Blog are freely available. The top used tool for WordPress powered Blogs is Woocommerce, WP Estore. It’s a complete toolkit to setup your own Estore with a Shopping Cart and Payment Gateway.

6. Subscription List

You can make money using Mailing list by placing Ads in mails. If you have a huge subscription list on your Blog where you can send a weekly Newsletter, you can easily make a few 1000$ every month. CPM’s are very high for Email Ads as the Ads are exactly targeted to the relevant audience.

You can use any of the Top email Ad Networks like LiveIntent, NewsletterDirectory and BuySellAds

7. Paid Membership

If you’re an established author or regarded as an Authority in your niche, you can create a Paid section on you Blog. You can make your paid section special by providing exclusive high quality information, live Webinars, chats and Ask Me Anything Sessions. Having a paid members section gives you an Audience who is very mush interested in your content and regards you as an authority in the topic. With a select and focused Audience you can make optimum use of Affiliate product recommendations to shore up the revenues.


8. Cost per Download Networks

If your visitors are mainly Mobile users, You can use Cost per Download Ad Networks. These are networks that will place Mobile responsive Ads on your Blog. If any of your readers clicks and downloads an App you get paid. This kind of set-up is also call Cost Per Action (CPA). You can advertise for mobile app creators and earn for every app downloaded.

You can use Strikingly for a complete Mobile friendly Ecommerce Blog. Strikingly is a powerful site builder and used by many Bloggers to make mobile friendly Blogs.

9. Mobile Ads

Most of the top companies are trying to become more and more mobile friendly and provide content on smartphones and Ipads. It’s no secret that the future will be Smartphones, Tablets and Wearable Devices. Ad Networks and top companies have already started developing technologies to deliver content and Ads to devices like Google Glass, Pebble Smartwatch and Apple iwatch. You can be part in this by creating mobile friendly content and Signing-up with Ad networks like Google Admob to make money. Google AdMob places contextual Ads to your mobile visitors in responsive designs which can adapt automatically to screen sizes and orientation of the device.

Other Ad Networks in the Mobile Advertising space are Millenial Media, Tapjoy and Adfonic. If you’ve a highly mobile reader/visitor base then mobile ads is your best way to monetize your content.

Over To You

Most these above money making strategies can easily give you more than $10000 if your Blog plan properly and have good traffic. Check out the Money Making Starter Kit to jumpstart your Blogging revenues. for You can use these most surprising ideas to Promote your Blog to get some volumes of traffic.

With so many options to make money, Your Blog can surely earn.

Don’t have Blog yet 9 Simple Steps to Create Your Own Blog

Though I have taken care to put the best ways to make money in the list, I may have lost some or excluded some. Kindly suggest any ideas you think should be included in this post.

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