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How to Get Higher Revenues From Google AdSense

Google AdSense revenues just don’t happen by inserting Ads on your Blog. AdSense revenues depend on Ad Clicks and Impressions, but what would you do if an Ad Click earns you 0.01$ and those 1000 impressions just made 2.5$. That’s pretty disappointing and even more when you see monthly revenues of 38$ to 50$ with all that hard-earned traffic.

The key to higher AdSense revenues is through getting higher paying Ads on your Blog. With Google AdSense you cannot dictate an ask rate for your Ad space, but certain factors do help in getting higher paid Ads on your Blog. If you are new to Google Adsense, you should first understand the terms used in calculating AdSense revenues.

Factors that Decide Higher AdSense Ads on your Blog



Select a topic that makes money. Not all topics can give high paying Ads. Topics like Finance, fashion, technology, health and lifestyle are the one with the highest CPC and RPM AdSense Ads. So select a niche that is trending.


Whatever is your niche, you can still make money by planning well for higher CPC AdSense Ads. This can be achieved by using the right keywords.

It is easily possible to get different CPC rates on two blogs with the same niche. Google AdSense uses keywords from your content for Contextual Ads to select the Ads displayed on your Blog, so when you use the right keywords the CPC changes.

Use SemRush

The best way to achieve this is to use a professional SEO and keyword tool. Over the years, I’ve tried many tools and services and so far Semrush has been the best. It’s been a year or so that I’m using Semrush and from then I didn’t have to look for anything else. The Tool is versatile and can be used for a lot many things like Keyword research, AdWords planning, competitor research and CPC based research. For those who really want to achieve higher revenues should use Semrush and all other alternatives feel really pale in comparison. Though it’s a premium service one can start with the free trial period.

A Sample Keyword Search on Semrush

You can also use the Google Adwords Keyword Planner to select the keywords that pay more, but the tool is very basic and not as good as Semrush.

Try to have reasonably high paying keywords in you content. Don’t stuff keywords, Google uses complex algorithms for SERP’s and can figure it out easily effecting your search rankings.

Dimensions & Placement

With Google AdSense be sure to adhere with the 3-2-1 rule and don’t crowd your page with Ads. Make sure at least one ad is placed above the fold. ‘Above the fold’ is the place a visitor sees without scrolling down in his browser. n my experience Ads with 728 X 90 leader-board, 300 X 250 or 336 X 280 size below the head line and above the content works best for higher CTR and RPM.

Google serves high paying AdSense Ads to an Ad slot that load first while loading a page. So, make sure to utilize this ad slot to improve your AdSense revenues.


Click Through Rate (CTR)

I cannot say what is the best CPC with AdSense, but an average CPC of 0.25$ is okay. If you have an average CPC of around 0.25$ then you should focus on CTR. Page RPM is related to CTR. Pages with higher click through rates are automatically allocated higher RPM ads. So to make more money out of your existing traffic and to get higher CPC Ads try to get a higher RPM.


In the above screenshot, you can figure out how CTR and PageRPM are related. When the CTR has reached 22% the Page RPM is 33$.

Geographical Region

Even after making all the above-mentioned changes you may still receive low CPC and RPM Ads with AdSense if you are not getting views from specific regions. CPC and RPM rates are different according to countries and regions. Countries like United States, UK, Australia and Europe command higher CPC and RPM rates than South Asia. So try to make your content specific to the region or get worldwide traffic.

Mobile Friendly Design

Make your Blog mobile friendly and use responsive Ads wherever possible. Responsive ads are automatically sized according to screen size and resolution. Ads shown to visitors on Mobile devices like Iphone, Tablets and Smartphones command higher CPC rates. The best way to acheive this is to get a Responsive Theme. Aways check the features before selecting a Theme for your Blog/website and don’t just go on the looks. The best place to get a quality Theme is Themeforest. At Themeforets you can find themes for almost any type of Blog or Website, and the features are well listed with complete demos for all that is said. I would advise you to always go for a premium theme and at Themeforest you can find one from $4. Even the best ones are priced at $59.

Some Closing Words

With all the above factors in place the only remaining link to improve AdSense revenues is Traffic. Making 50$ daily or more from Google AdSense is pretty easily possible if you correctly balance the related factor. Try to increase the content by posting more quality content and reducing bounce rate.

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Though I have taken care to put the best ways to make money in the list, I may have lost some or excluded some. Kindly suggest any ideas you think should be included in this post.

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March 9, 2015

4 responses on "How to Get Higher Revenues From Google AdSense"

  1. i really liked this article soon i will be sharing it on my Google plus profile. Do read my blog post it may help you: Find Google Plus Communities that will Drive Huge Traffic

  2. I get around 2000 pageviews and 15clicks and 1.5$ per day.What can i do to increase my revenue?

  3. My CPC is very low and google is only for clicks not or page impressions, please help me out from this. How can i increase my CPC and or also get revenue for RPM

    • Hi Keshav,

      Getting a better CPC from Google depends a lot on your niche and more importantly on the keywords, Tags and which country your audience comes from. Focus more on keyword research and try to incorporate high CPC keywords in your content. On an advanced level I would advise you to use Semrush for keyword research. It’s my preferred tool and works awesome. You can try it out for free here – Semrush
      Also Google does serve impression AD’s. The CPM isn’t that high but the inventory and geographical reach is awesome. Let me know what is your Blog/Website about.

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