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How To Get High CPC AdSense Ads On Your Blog

With Google Adsense on your Blog one has the highest fill rate across geographies, but when it comes to earnings not everyone is dancing to their banks. While some Bloggers are happy with their pay checks others are struggling to make money with AdSense on their Blogs. As you are reading this I feel you understand the terms CPC, CTR and PageRPM used in Google AdSense.

You get excited to see the number of Adsense Clicks and then get disappointed when you see the CPC for the Ads was 0.01$. As a Blogger you cannot do much to make a visitor click on certain AdSense Ad, you just have to rely on the interest of the visitor and the Ads displayed. But one thing a Blogger can surely do is displaying high CPC ads so that every click that happens gives you the most.

Making 50$ and more with AdSense is easily possible if you have high CPC AdSense Ads being displayed on you Blog. So how do you get the best AdSense Ads with the highest the CPC displayed on you Blog.

Here is the answer.

1) Keywords and Your Niche

Different content shows different Ads. Some topics and niche automatically attract high CPC AdSense Ads. Including certain Topics and keywords in your Blog posts can make the difference. Advertisers make their budget allocation according to keywords so as to show the Ads to a select audience. For some keywords, the demand is pretty high and Advertisers pay accordingly.

Always use a professional SEO and Keywords tool. My most recommended and preferred tool is Semrush. Before you start writing a post, find out the related keywords that pay higher. You can use the Semrush keyword research tool to find not only the volume of keywords, but also the CPC for those keywords. Choose the one with highest CPC and try to incorporate them in your content. Write about or include them in your blog posts trying to place them at the very start, in the URL and the Title. Google Adsense bots scan the content of your posts every few days and this data is used for displaying ads. As they find the valuable keywords, Google AdSense serves contextual ads accordingly.

Below you can see a sample screenshot of the Semrush Tool showing the Search Volume and the associated CPC. Though Semrush is a paid service you can start getting a hang of using their tools with a Free Trial Period – Register Now

Click On The Image For A Larger Veiw

If you’re just a starter you can also use the Google Adwords Keyword Planner in a similar way, but the tool isn’t as .

Tip : Don’t stuff keywords Google is pretty smart.

Cons : Nothing specific.

Don’t just use the high value keywords, mix them up with the low paying ones also. High paying keywords have high competition so ranking on search pages gets difficult.

Write what you know and like to write, but keep in mind about high paying keywords and include them in few places at the start. Promote your Blog to get more traffic. Don’t forget the basic SEO principles.

2. Advertisers Preview

Look at your Blog post from the Advertisers preview. Ask some questions to yourself.

  1. Who will advertise on your niche/topic?
  2. How big is the market?
  3. What is the costo of the product that will be Advertised?

Think from the Advertisers preview and present your content accordingly. Don’t lose the balance between presenting content for the Advertiser and your Visitors. A fine balance can give great results. Try to make content that is associated with high value, fast-moving products.

Example : So if you have a fashion Blog that reviews top brand cosmetics you will get the high CPC Ads from Google. If you’re writing about some free tools or a free product then its sure to get the lowest CPC Ads, as no advertiser will pay to show Ads to people who have come looking for free stuff.

3. Display and Text Ads.

Some Blogger like keep their Blogs plain and don’t display Rich Media Ads. My advise would be show both Display and Text Ads that AdSense offers. Make it presentable for the visitor as well as the Advertiser. Text ads are mostly low CPC Ads.

It’s as simple as placing Ads in your local newspaper. Even a local newspaper will charge high for a Color Ad than a Text Ad in the classifieds.

Here are reasons:

  • Image ads are more likely to be clicked (Chances of a Higher CTR)
  • The Biggest Brands with big AdSense advertising budgets always like to show their brands and products in color as an image or rich media Ad.



4. Placement of AdSense Ads

Always place the best Ad slot at the top of the page where a visitor is able to see them without scrolling down the page. Place the code at the top in your HTML pages as Google serves high CPC AdSense ads that load first when a page loads.

Making it simple, just compare it to a newspaper. A front page Ad is always costly than the ad on page 10.


5. Your Theme


Use a Premium Theme. While there are great looking themes available for free, just don’t go on looks. If you want to make more money with your Adsense Ads, I would always recommend buying a Premium theme. Premium themes are very well designed and have lot many customisation options which helps you in the right placement of AD’s. While you can do this on the free themes also, the greater advantage with premium themesis is the responsiveness, and the importance given to SEO. Most free themes are well designed, but lack on the SEO front. Proper implementation of meta tags can help you get higher traffic, which in combination with right keywords eventually results in higher CPC and CPM ads.

If you’re confused which theme may suit your Blog and Budget, the best place to look for is ThemeForest. While the internet is flooded with premium themes, choosing the right one is a daunting task with most providers. Also you may endup being overcharged. The best thing about ThemeForest is you can get a theme for almost any niche and the prices are also relatively low. You can buy a theme starting for $4, while the bets one are priced to a max of $59. The features of every theme are clearly specified and I can guarantee, once you implement a Premium Theme you will never use the free ones ever.

5. Use Custom Channels in AdSense

Use the Custom Channels options in Google AdSense while placing Ads on you Blog. Experiment to see what CPC and CTR each channel is getting. Remove the low CTR channels low CPC Channels. Try improving your CTR on the high CPC AdSense Channels.

Tip : Don’t make decisions on a day’s data. Run the experiment atleast for two weeks with constant traffic.


6. Reduce Accidental Clicks on AdSense Ads

The one rule to remember with Google AdSense is “Google is Smart”.

Don’t try to blend Ads too much. Let the visitors know that it’s an Ad and let them click only if the Ad interests them. Accidental clicks are known to Google. If an Ad is clicked and the Ad window is closed immediately Google knows it. Google automatically responds with lower CPC Ads on that Ad slot. To get higher CPC Ads place your Ads to be seen and then clicked.

There are also other factors that affect your Adsense earnings that you should check out.

Last Words – Don’t forget the Basics

  • Keep producing high quality content
  • Write for you and your readers
  • Generate good traffic from search engines
  • Don’t’ put all ads in one place
  • Don’t try all money making methods at a time
  • Experiment the ad positions and colors but don’t over do it again and again
  • Don’t blog for money.

With the above tips and tweaks you can easily set and achieve a target of making 50$ Daily with Google AdSense.

Checkout some Alternatives to Google AdSense and CPM Ad Networks if you just don’t want to depend on Ad Clicks

Some Closing Words

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Your Comments, Shares and Likes are our Motivation…….

Harsh Vardhan

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  12. I am Priya Singh I have Website of entertainment http://ecinemanews.com Sir please help me how can get more traffic

    • Hi Priya,

      You are in niche with very high competition. Try promoting your content more on FB, Twitter, Stumbleupon and tumblr. Create a Tumblr with the same name and post links to you blog content to that tumblr regularly. Don’t try to be dependent on organic traffic i.e search traffic. Try the social networks endlessly, that’s where the entertainment industry audience is glued on.

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