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Kat Loterzo – From Personal Training To $80000 Per Month

Kat Loterzo was a Personal Fitness Trainer in Melbourne, Australia following the Trade Hourly Business Model. Till 2007 she was working, training people and was quite successful. But she always felt something was amiss. In 2007 while surfing the internet she came across Yaro Starak’s Blog about Travelling Around the World and Live The Laptop Lifestyle. This chance encounter changed Kat’s life forever.

Somewhere inside Kat always wanted the freedom to travel, freedom to explore the world and also the financial freedom to do that. Kat was very much inspired by Yaro’s “Live the Laptop Life Style” and immediately started following Yaro’s program. Kat continued her personal training practice but slowly began the process to transition towards online business. She used her blog as a platform to build her brand, then launched a health and fitness e-book, which provided her first taste of making money online.kat-loterzo-online-money

It took some time for Kat to evolve her online business to the subject she cares about – helping woman get the most out of all aspects of life, including health and business.

Today she runs a coaching and digital training business and makes $80,000 a month. She has a membership site, runs online and in-person workshops, has a private coaching program and more.

So How Did She Do It ?kat-loterzo-million-dollars-online

Here’s an excerpt from Yaro Starak post about his interview with Kat Loterzo

Ready, Fire, Aim

I believe a big part of Kat’s success is her ability to come up with ideas and execute them incredibly quickly.

She will have an idea for a training program one day, spend the night writing the sales page, send an email to her subscribers the following day, make sales and then create the program with her new members.

This rapid product launch process might be stressful at times (and Kat openly states it is), but the pressure leads to performance. When you have paying customers you have to deliver.

Click here for the Complete Article – Kat Loterzo: From Personal Trainer Trading Hours For Dollars, To Making $80,000 A Month Online, Traveling The World And Living The Laptop Lifestyle


What Did She Do ?

Want to know how did she do it? How she makes that $80000 per month. Here the interview by Yaro Starak where Kat Loterzo shares her secret rules and how she planned -worked her way to this magic income.


About Kat Loterzo

Kat Loterzo helps driven and BIG dreaming women leaders to design the business and life of their dreams and live from a place of purpose, passion and flow. Kat’s special gift is in inspiring, motivating and empowering women who already know they can HAVE it all to get out there and TAKE it all, completely on their terms!

Kat is a best-selling author and an internationally renowned speaker, entrepreneur and coach, as well as founder of The Rich Chick Business Mastermind, Rich Chick Coaching Certification, Business Smackdown Intensive and Elite Private Mastermind “The Society of Women Who Dream Big and Make Shit Happen”. Hailing from Melbourne, Australia Kat now travels the world living the laptop life and writing and speaking daily to her online tribe.

Kat is a busy Mum to 2 children under 5 and understands what it’s like to have crazy-ass big dreams and a burning desire to leave your mark on the world whilst also being able to stop and enjoy it all!

Kat’s “Selfish Bitch Revolution” was born from a desire to show women that it’s okay to want your life, your way, and that NOW is the time to step up and say YES to truly pressing play on your dreams.

Clikc here for the Complete About Kat Loterzo page or Visit her Blog Katloterzo.com

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April 4, 2015

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