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Money Making Starter Kit For Bloggers and Passive Income Seekers

If you plan to be a Career Blogger or a part-time one, doesn’t matter, if money is a motivation for you – You should monetize your Blog. The most important thing that will happen is – You will get more committed and more professional in your approach, delivering the best of you and your Audience will surely love it. I’ve always been a proponent of monetizing as I need Motivation.

For Starters, though there are a lot of ways to make money with your Blog, here’s a small resource list of Advertising Programs, Affiliate Networks and other resources to help you get started.

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Caution – You may not find some of the Networks like RevenueHitz or Chitika listed here, but trust me the networks are not worth being in the list. At-least not worth for my readers.

Advertising Networks

  • Google AdSenseGoogle-adsense-money-maker

    Adsense is so far Best Advertising Network to join for starters. You would require some real quality content before getting approved. Also once approved, don’t try monkey tricks with Google – they are pretty smart and you may get banned. Understanding Adsense is the key to successful implementation on this network. For some Blogger Adsense is the main source of income and it’s not at all tough to make $50 to $100 every day with Adsense if you have good traffic and can learn the art of placing the Ads in the right place.

    Google Adsense has a very vast geographic coverage and shows both contextual and user specific Ads based on their browsing habits, this helps in increasing conversions. Google Adsense also shows CPM based Ads on your Blog if you’re having good traffic. But CPM rates are a bit low, however planning thoroughly you can get high CPC Ads on your Blog/Website. Team up with a good SEO and Keyword research tool like Semrush and you can get the highest CPC ads on your Blog/website. There is no dearth of Inventory here, but be cautious as the terms are very strict. Some mistake or over excitement, and you never know when you may be kicked out of the Adsense network – so no monkey business here.


  • MediaNet – Yahoo Bing Networks

    Medianet is a Yahoo-Bing collaboration and is a good alternative to Google Adsense. Ad Inventory is good and offers contextual Ads. Lacks the precision and tools offered by Google. The Yahoo! Bing Network gives you instantaneous access to one of the world’s largest marketplaces for keyword-targeted advertisers. No matter how broad or niche your website is – they have advertisers appropriate for your content. Revenues are higher as multiple advertisers participate in real-time auctions and Medianet delivers only the highest paying ads on your pages.


  • Meridian By Sovrn (Formerly Lijit)

    Sovrn is CPM Based Advertising network which was formerly known as Lijit. Sovrn works with online publishers of all shapes and sizes to help them better understand and engage their audiences and grow their businesses with effective site monetization. This is one of the best networks if you have US based traffic. If you Blog or Website has mixed or international traffic, I won’t advise you to try this network. But for Us based traffic this network can do magic. The Ad quality is good, but the fill rate is quite low. You can specify the pricing for each of your inventory and Meridian also offers Video Ads which have a minimum CPm of $3. They also have a traffic monitoring tool which can give you great insights on your audience.

  • BuySell Ads

    Buy Sell Ads is one of the leading Ad Networks or I can say an Ad Exchange which can replace the Ads on your blog. The biggest advantage with BuySellAds is you can sell your Ad space directly to Advertisers and set your own minimum ask pricing for every Ad space. You can be specific for CPC or CPM Ads. Advertisers bid for the available Ad space and the highest Bidder wins. BuySellAds takes a 25% as commission and the rest 75% is yours.Apart from getting a higher price for your Advertising real estate, this gives you complete transparency about how much the advertiser is paying for the Ad space. With Google Adsense never know how much the Advertiser is paying for space and how much is Google’s share.

  • AdEngage

    With more than 7 Billion Ad Impression every month, Adengage is one of the biggest Advertising networks you can opt for. AdEngage has more than 10000 Advertisers and guarantees 100% fill rate. Similar to BuySellAds you can sell your inventory at your own ask price, but this a CPC Ad network. Highly optimized Ads and transparency make this one of the best alternatives to Google Adsense.Eligibility Requirements are simple like have fresh and unique content, Alexa rank of 1000,000 and below. Only English Website/Blogs are approved

  • RhythmOne (A Burst Media and RhythmNew Combine)

    BurstMedia one of the Top CPM ad Networks has recently joined with Rhythm New – A video Ad networks and the combine gives lots of features for the publisher. RhythmOne is one of the best CPM Advertising Networks. Programs designed to integrate native advertising with your premium content. Video Ads, Mobile ads and Rich Media, with high fill rates RhythmOne can rocket your revenues. RhythmOne shares 70% revenue with the Publisher which is highest in the List. Eligibility requirement is your Site should represent specialty content, have 25000 page views or 5000 unique visitors every month.

Check Out the Top 10 CPM Advertising Networks for your Blog.

Master The Art Of Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate Networks

Affiliate Marketing is the beast and easiest way to make money online. You don’t need to have a product or setup an Online Business, with Affiliate Marketing you can earn money on the side by promoting other peoples products. Here’s a small introductory video that will show you How Affiliate Marketing Works and How You Can Make Money. There are many affiliate networks for all different kind of products, signing up and tracking revenues with each of them is time-consuming. I prefer using Skimlinks as it automatically creates affiliate links of your external links and has more than 23000 merchants.skimlinks-make-money-affiliate

  • Skimlinks

    Skimlinks offers Auto affiliation of links from your Blog. Has a great merchant network and works seamlessly. I would recommend Skimlinks as the one affiliate marketing program to join. I myself use Skimlnks on my Blog and I’m very happy the way it converts external links to affiliate links and highlights products. The best part is the Skimlinks Editor Chrome extension. Once you install the extension, it automatically tells you which site will pay you commission and how much. Also provides you with short links to the site/product.

    Read A Complete Review About Automating With Skimlinks

    Skimlinks also simplifies one of the main issues faced by Amazon Associate affiliate marketers i.e. Being required to create and manage links with multiple Amazon Associate Id’s across Amazon stores in different countries. Skimlinks simplifies this by overwriting existing Amazon Affiliate links and smartly routes the clicks to corresponding Amazon Stores through your Skimlinks affiliate links.

    If you’re promoting Amazon Products here’s a detailed post on how Skimlinks helps you promote products across Amazon Stores and get a commission.

  • Viglink

    Screenshot of Viglink Dashboard

    Another great Auto Affiliation network with Google itself as a stakeholder. Viglink can automatically create affiliate links from non-affiliated product mentions. Automatically creates affiliate links from external links to different vendors. Viglink is mainly connected to Amazon and Ebay. You can use this network with Google Adsense and not worry about getting penalized or banned. Google has a stake in Viglink and it is because Google knows the future is more of Affiliate sales.

  • Amazon Associates

    One of the biggest Affiliate networks to join and offers the widest category of products. If you are into reviews or Fashion or Travel, anything – Amazon has the products that you can recommend. The reporting and Dashboard are pretty good. I prefer Skmlinks and Viglink to link with Amazon as the problem with Amazon is you’ve to create separate Affiliate codes for different geographical regions. For example – Amazon US will have a different affiliate code to Amazon UK and same for Europe. I leave it to Skiminks to do the linking job as it is very frustrating if you have wide geographic coverage.

  • Commission Junction

    A lot of products and one the oldest players. If you’re using Skimlinks and Viglink, you don’t need to go to CJ, as it is already a member network of Skimlinks and Viglinks. So you can promote products available on this network directly using Skimlinks or Viglink

  • OneNetworkDirect

    Affiliate Network with mostly Tech companies in the network. Join only if your desired products are not available through Viglinks or Skimlinks network.

  • ShareaSale

    One more leading Affiliate Network with some of the Top Companies in the network. If you’re using Skimlinks and Viglink, you don’t need ShareaSale, as it is already a member network of Skimlinks and Viglinks. So you can promote products available on this network directly using Skimlinks or Viglink

  • Trade Doubler

    Only get into it if you would be requiring Products from some of the local brands and small home-office merchants/providers.

  • ClickBank

    Another Affiliate Network similar to TaradeDoubler and can provide with lots of products from smaller merchants.

Check out this great Tutorial if you plan to make money using Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate Marketing Mastery: Make Money Online – Learn top affiliate marketing strategies to make money online through blogging, websites, eCommerce, and social media.


Monetizing Mailing Lists

You would be requiring this if you wish to make money with your Mailing list. For this to work you will require a sizable Mail Subscription list i.e up to 2000-5000 subscribers on the minimum side.

  • NewsletterDirectory.co

    If you’ve ever thought about monetizing your newsletter, this is the place to put up your profile. This is the place to buy, sell, and swap newsletter ads. You can also earn money by adding cost-per-click (CPC) ads made available to you in your account. Membership in NewsletterDirectory can help you promote your email newsletter or drive traffic to your site with swaps, and monetize by helping you find sponsors. Membership is completely free.

  • LiveIntent

    Live Intent is a platform that is suitable only if you have a large inventory i.e more than 30,000 email subscribers. Joining is not easy like signing up – but requires you to fill a contact me form. Live Intent works with tags and targeting make sure the right ad is served to the right person on the right device anytime an email is opened. They have over 750 top US publishers and brands use LiveTags to manage, streamline and monetize their email inventory.

Over To You

I’ve listed the best possible networks and programs that you can use to make money with your Blog, but that’s not the only way or the real way. You can see some Bloggers making Thousands of Dollars with these programs, but the requirement for all of these to succeed is “Heavy Traffic”. You Blog should have atleast around 2000 unique visitors every day for these to work and make Thousands of dollars for you.

The most successful and fastest way to make money using your Blog is to have a Business built around your Blog. Want to know how they do it and learn the secrets of How to make million starting from Xero with my new program “Xero To Millions”

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  1. Had been planning to start a Blog to make money from a long time. Was very much turned away by most of the negative advice on other Blogs. Thanks for refreshing my hopes.

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