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Promoting Amazon Products Across Stores and Geo Locations

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Simple Solution For Affiliate Marketers To Promote Amazon Products Across Geographies and Amazon Stores


If you’re new to Affiliate Marketing – Here’s an Introduction To Affiliate Marketing and How it Works.

Most Affiliate Marketing websites and so-called experts will guide you to use Amazon’s affiliate program. And that’s true! It’s a great program to make Affiliate Commission over a wide range of products from Amazon, it’s a trusted e-store and has the widest products onboard.

Amazon’s official affiliate program “Amazon Associates” has great tools and is a nice program. But has its own shortcomings.

Sorry! You’re not eligible for any commission.

The problem is Amazon has multiple Amazon Stores catering to various Geo locations. The Amazon Associates program allocates an Associate ID to Affiliate Marketers based on store. The biggest and the most troublesome part is to have an associate-id for every location or amazon store your audience may visit, and then routing your audience to their geographical Amazon store using the correct Associate ID. For publishers with global coverage or targeting multiple locations across geographies this incidentally happens to be loss making if ignored or a technical headache if it is to be implemented.

Will my Associates ID work in all countries? (e.g. can I use my Amazon.co.uk Associates ID in a US widget?)

The Answer : No.

Your Associates ID will only earn you referral fees from sales in the same locale as your Associate ID. For example, to earn referral fees from an Amazon.co.uk widget, you must be a member of the UK Associates program and use that UK Associates ID in your UK widget. You must sign up to be a member of the Associates program in each Amazon locale for which you will be building widgets.


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The Problem Explained

If you’re new to Amazon Associates, I’ll explain the problem in simple terms. Let’s assume you are promoting Digital Goods and have registered as an amazon associate from the USA, you will be getting an associate id (like – bnpl-32). Now all product links you created through this id will work fine for customers in the US and you will get paid a commission for the arising sales.

The problem starts when someone from Canada clicks on the link and visits Amazon, he/she is redirected by Amazon to Amazon.ca (that’s Amazon Canada). If this click converts into a successful sale – Sorry! You’re not eligible for any commission.

The Amazon associates solution for this is to create a separate Associate-id for the Canada store. This doesn’t cause any trouble for Blogs with a geographically local audience but becomes a nightmare for Bloggers/Websites with Global or multi-regional audiences. Serving locale specific affiliate links to your audience isn’t impossible, but requires a serious technical setup and effort which can be a nightmare for even the seasoned geeks. .

So, Is There a simpler Solution?

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Yes! That’s true.[/mk_fancy_title]

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So let’s see what is Skimlinks and how it will help you get around this technical nightmare without disturbing your current setup.

What is Skimlinks?

Skimlinks is an auto Affiliate Network or I can say a network of networks program for publishers. Joining Skimlinks enables one to offer products across 53 different Affiliate Networks, and more than 20,000 merchants and stores (Amazon, ebay, Alixpress are a few – the list can go on and on ). So with Skimlinks you don’t have to register to multiple Affiliate programs and Networks to create links to products across brands or stores. Skimlinks gives you the ability to create affiliate links, track conversions, sales and payments with a single login.

The best part is Skimlinks also automatically links keywords in your content with Affiliate links. it has a great Dashboard wherein you can view Clicks, sales and commission for all Affiliate links and products in a single window. And you can be assured of the quality as Skimlinks is listed as one of the Top 5 Adsense Alternatives to monetize your Blog.

For more insights on Skimlinks and how it compares with the competition, read this Complete Review of Skimlinks and Comparison of Skimlinks v/s Viglink (Viglink is the only comparable affiliate network with features similar to Skimlinks.)

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Skimlinks Editor


Skimlinks Editor is a Chrome extension offered by Skimlinks in the Toolbox and this is one great tool that no Affiliate Marketing network offers. Viglink offers a similar tool but is no match to Skimlinks Editor. With Skimlinks Editor, you can know which site pays an Affiliate Commission, how much, and get an Affiliate link from the toolbar itself. No need to visit the affiliate website or login into affiliate programs. It also offers a short link for the affiliate link and even for sites that cannot be affiliated through Skimlinks, so you can track clicks for non-affiliated websites also.

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How Skimlinks Helps Solve The Problem?

Once a product on Amazon is linked through a Skimlinks affiliate link, Skimlinks automatically creates a geo specific link and sends the person to the corresponding Amazon Store. That’s Simple.


In the above image, you can see Skimlinks has sent clicks to the corresponding Amazon Store and tracked them too. So your problem is solved. No more multiple Amazon Associate Id’s and technical jugglery.

What About Existing Affiliate Links

You don’t have to change any of your existing links. Just head on to your Skimlinks Publisher Hub, click on the Toolbox section and enable the “Amazon Overwrite Tool”. Now this is a really cool tool which will save you the effort of updating existing links as it will overwrite all your previous Affiliate links with your Skimlinks Affiliate links. And even if those links were for any Amazon Store, now those links will work across almost all the Amazon Stores.

Creating New Links

Creating new affiliate links is easy, just go the site or product page of the product you wish to Market, and the Skimlinks Editor automatically scrolls down, showing the commission offered and affiliate link as well as the short link. Just Copy and paste the link in your content it’s done. This applies to Amazon as well as to all other merchant sites. And that’s not all, even the commissions are higher than other Affiliate Programs.

Check out the detailed insight and review of Skimlink here

Joining The Program

Skimlinks has an approval process for joining. Joining the program is free and requires you to fill up a simple registration form. After registration, Skimlinks will approve you request provided you have quality content and an engaged audience. Having a website with content is a must for joining.

Installing Skimlinks On Your Website/Blog

Integrating your Blog or Website with Skimlinks is easy and doesn’t require any technical or coding know-how. WordPress users can simply install the Skimlinks plugin and the job’s done. For WordPress and most other CMS you can also simply copy paste the script provided in <head> section of your website.


Payment and Charges

Skimlinks makes payments to Publishers at the end of every month and you have the options of receiving it via Paypal, Bank transfer or Check(USA Only). A minimum threshold of $10 is applied to all payments. There’s no up-front cost to sign up, install and use the Skimlinks service. In other words, you pay zero/zilch/nada/squat to join – so you can try it out without any risk or commitment. Skimlinks works on a revenue share model with merchants which allows any kind of publisher, big or small, to give it a go. For Skimlinks and the tools, the split is 25/75 – which means you get paid 75% of the commissions earned.

While 25% of the commission may sound high, you would still make substantial profits as the Commission rates are higher than other programs. Also you’ll be making more money by saving on all the affiliate business you were losing till now.

Signing Off To You

I’ve been using Skimlinks for the past two years and happy to have found them early. The reporting is awesome. payments are timely, support is great and I don’t have to lose sleep on any of the technical stuff. So don’t wait much, just head on Skimlinks.com and register now.

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