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Top 10 CPM Advertising Networks in 2015 To Make Money With Your Blog

CPM Ads (Cost per Mille) commonly called Cost per Impression Ads is a model of pricing Ads for every thousand impression. Making it simple, the Ad network pays you for the number of times a certain Ad or Ad Group is shown you Blog or Website.

For most the Bloggers, Google Adsense is the advertising program of choice. Adsense uses a combination of CPM and CPC Ads, which is a really good for Blogs with low traffic. Making money with Adsense is a preferred choice of Bloggers due to the contextual, rich display ads and geographical reach. But if your Blog has high traffic and you wish to shift to the next gear, then CPM Ads is the best advertising model to make money with all those eyeballs you get on your Blog. Though CPC (Cost per Click) or CPA (Cost per Action) Ads pay higher, it foolish to rent out your online real estate and wait to make money till the readers click on the Ads.

So if your Blog’s got the eyeballs CPM Ads is the way to make money from.

As I wanted to shift from CPC Ads to CPM Ads I was searching and reviewing the best option in CPM Advertising Networks for the last few days. Though there are many CPM Advertising programs available, not all stand good with time, fill rate and display. Concluding my search here is a countdown of the Top 10.


With newer Tech platforms and Mobile devices, one essential criteria for Ad Programs to be on the list is to support responsive designs and Ads across multiple devices.

Top 10 CPM Advertising Programs for 2015 to make money with you Blog

No. 10 on the Top 10 CPM Ad Networks List – Pulse Point



Salient Feature Ask Price Program
Contextual Yes
Responsive Yes
Fill Rate Medium
Requirements No specified – Apply To Join
Payment Minimum $50 via check or PayPal
Formed by ContextWeb and Datran Media, Pulsepoint offers an AskPrice function giving the freedom to their publishers to setup ask rates for CPM Advertising through Ask Price Program. Real-time, page-level categorization of your site increases ad relevancy to delight your audience – and the buyers who want to reach them.
Pulse Point also offers 10% bonus under their refer Program for both Referrer and new Referred publisher for First month.

No.9 on the Top 10 CPM Ad Networks List – Adversal


Salient Feature Ad Space Bidding
Contextual Yes
Responsive Yes
Fill Rate High
Requirements 50,000 page views per month
Payment Minimum 20$ Paypal, Check or Wire Transfer

Adversal is an upcoming CPM Advertising Network that offers a 100% fill rate, but also the highest eCPM available for your inventory as your ad space will be bid on by 100’s of direct advertisers, demand partners, DSPs, and major exchanges. Offers multiple size banners and pop-under Ads.

No. 8 on the List of Top 10 CPM Ad Networks – Adtegrity


Salient Feature Optimization Tools and Category Filters
Contextual Yes
Responsive Yes
Fill Rate Only US
Requirements Quality Content & High Traffic
Payment 20$ Minimum, Net 60 Payment


Adtegrity Inc. is an online advertising network with reach into over 30 vertical content channels specifically segmented for maximum impact with advertiser campaigns. From Political Campaigns to Domino’s this Advertising Companies handles everything efficiently. With a one to one contact between the Ad Agency and the publisher, this Advertising program provides high quality. For Publishers, the company follows very strict criteria of selection and you have to apply to be approved to join.


No.7 on the Top 10 CPM Advertising Networks List – Vibrant Media


Salient Feature VIA -Vibrant Interest Ad, Native Ad Placement
Contextual Yes
Responsive Yes
Fill Rate High
Requirements 500,000 impressions per month
Payment Check/Wire Transfer, No Minimum Specified
With over 6,000 premium publishers, reaching over 250 million unique users per month Vibrant Media is a growing CPM Advertising Network. Publishers can choose different ads formats for different placement which will help to earn more from page impression. Vibrant offers In-text based, In-Image based ads and also Banner Ads. Vibrant is the world leader in premium contextual technology aligning billions of words across the Internet.
Vibrant offers publishers premium editorial tools to re-circulate users throughout their websites. You can gain incremental revenue through relevant display advertising and moreover, Vibrant Interest AD (VIA) are targeted based on words bought by brand advertisers.

No. 6 on the List of Top 10 CPM Ad Networks – ValueClick Media


Salient Feature Multi Format Ads
Contextual Yes
Responsive Yes
Fill Rate High
Requirements Not Specified
Payment Not Specified

ValueClick Media by Conversant (The Company behind Commission Junction) is one of the premier CPM Advertising network for publishers who wish to earn the most for their available inventory. With over 5000 Brands the fill rates are very high and rich display Ads. ValueClick provides multiple format Ads like Mobile Ads, Intext Ads, Flash Ads and everything that you would require to make the most of your online space. You get the complete control over your advertisements along with quality advertising and superior support.With a 15-year track record of steady growth and leadership, you can rest assured to receive the revenue — hassle-free.

No. 5 on the List of Top 10 CPM Ad Networks – CPX Interactive


Salient Feature More than 20000 Optimized Creatives
Contextual Yes
Responsive Yes
Fill Rate High
Requirements Not Specified
Payment Not Specified

CPX Interactive is one of the leaders in Internet Advertising. You can get the most high-profile sites that quietly deliver the highest ROIs from this leader of CPM Advertising programs. The CPX publisher team is proactive in its search for the most valuable inventory on the Internet and commits itself to one-on-one account management, helping every publisher achieve maximum yield management.

While most publishers know CPX Interactive as the Internet’s most efficient monetizer of long-tail inventory, what they may not know is that CPX’s unparalleled reach and optimization allow us to pay you premium rates for their very best traffic as well.


No. 4 on the List of Top 10 CPM Ad Networks – Burst Media


Salient Feature Animated Site Skin and Peelback
Contextual Yes
Responsive Yes
Fill Rate High
Requirements 25000 Page Views – 5000 Unique Views
Payment Not Specified
Burst Media is one of the best CPM Advertising Networks. Programs designed to integrate native advertising with your premium content. Video Ads, Mobile ads and Rich Media, with high fill rates Burst Media can rocket your revenues Burst Media shares 70% revenue with the Publisher which is highest in the List. Eligibility requirement is your Site should represent specialty content.

No. 3 on the List of Top 10 CPM Ad Networks – Technocrati


Salient Feature Page Sponsored By Ads – Bypasses Ad Blocker
Contextual Yes
Responsive Yes
Fill Rate High
Requirements Apply to Join
Payment Minimum 50$
Technorati is one of the leaders of CPM Advertising. Technorati is 8th largest Social Media Advertising network in the world. If your visitors make more interactions on Social Media then Technocrati is a solution for you.
Technocrati has recently partnered with Forensiq, a leading advertising technology company that fights ad fraud, to provide a safe environment for buyers and sellers to transact programmatically with minimal risk of fraud. This successful partnership has helped Technorati achieve industry recognition from the IAB and Pixalate as a leader in quality assurance and seller trust.

No. 2 on the List of Top 10 CPM Ad Networks – Advertising


Salient Feature Market Place by AdTech, Pub Access
Contextual Yes
Responsive Yes
Fill Rate High
Requirements Apply to Join, High traffic
Payment Minimum 25$, Check

Advertising is an AoL Network company and one of the best places for CPM Ads. With more than 2 Billion impressions monetized daily. Advertising is one of the largest CPM Ad Networks you can sign with.AOL Advertising’s ad serving platform, ADTECH, makes it easy to manage campaigns across multiple platforms, including display, video, and mobile.

The Ad.com network roster is unmatched and includes the biggest and best brand names in the industry. If you’re looking for a specific set of advertisers, they offer ad blocks by advertiser, industry, media, and category to ensure the best fit for your site.

No. 1 and The Best Advertising Networks on the List of

Top 10 CPM Advertising Networks

e-Xponential (Tribal Fusion)


Salient Feature e-X Advertising Intelligence Platform
Contextual Yes
Responsive Yes
Fill Rate High
Requirements 500,000 unique users per month
Payment Minimum 25$, Check
The most preferred Advertising network for the Worlds Top Brands and the Top Publishers, you get the highest quality Ads. Partnering with e-Xponential takes your Blog to the Big league. This is the level you dream.
With page level customization and maximum revenue across devices e-Xponential (Tribal Fusion) is at the Top CPM Advertising Network . With the highest optimization and the best advertisers e-Xponential is the clear winner. The requirements for joining are high and just meeting the requirements do not guarantee you will be able to join.
Exponential’s proprietary ad server is one of the most effective and complex technologies in the marketplace, instantaneously sifting through all the advertising campaigns currently running through the network to select the most appropriate impression to serve a user at that precise moment.
Other Requirements
  • Highly targeted, relevant and regularly updated content for which the publisher is directly responsible
  • A professional and attractive site design
  • An active user base
  • Its own top-level domain URL
  • An active, publicly stated user privacy policy

Over To You

The List has been made upon my personal research using open source information and reviews. If you think it needs to be corrected or include some names, kindly post in the comments section. If it seems the traffic eligibility requirement is too high, try these most surprising ideas to promote your blog. You can check out the Top 5 Google AdSense alternatives of 2015 also for more advertising networks that may suit your Blog.

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March 1, 2015

28 responses on "Top 10 CPM Advertising Networks in 2015 To Make Money With Your Blog"

  1. I personally have been using for two months Adtomatik ago and I have given very good results, with them I received advice to improve monetization with highly effective strategies such as image ads, native ads, etc… highly recommended.

  2. I am running Uvadmedia.com ads, seeing very good cpm rates, I prefer this network

  3. Will Advertising.com accept Indian traffic

  4. I am currently working with adzonal.com since 8 months. i have a good result with them and high cpm rates.

  5. Try eClickZ ads on your site! High CPMs and fast payouts!

  6. I tryed many but no use.But now i’m using adotize ads seeing good result with them

  7. Currently working with Envero Media and Tribal Fusion and getting good results!!!

  8. Great list. Tried your recommendations and registerd with Adengage. Will let you know how things turnout.

  9. I am currently with propella ads and i am getting good results.

  10. Hi there, Zak from AddPlay.

    We offer publishers casual games widgets for their sites. The in game video ads can generate much higher CPM’s than display ads and providing the placement on the page is good, can be a great additional income stream.

  11. Great article.. now i am more informed about my ad placements.


  12. Adosia offers different / unique incremental revenue tools (such as CPM inventory optimization widgets and bolt-on preroll video tags). Their tags split out desktop and mobile traffic to separate tag chains so we can filter out the bad mobile ads that hijack traffic to the mobile app stores. Also, we increased CPM revenue 30% with them.

  13. I used many ad networks but no responsive from them and at the time of payment they are passing tags. I suffered a lot but now i’m using advizual.com ads.They are giving good responsive. i got my first payment.i;m happy now

  14. Did you ever come across Bluagile? They also have CPM traffic and have their own DSP and a self-serve RTB platform

  15. Try using Adsblow.com. Their stats are just awesome and pays really well. They don’t have any traffic requirement except they don’t allow porn sites. Try it: http://www.adsblow.com

  16. Hello, try these CPM networks, they work out really great for me. They both have clean banner ads with no redirects, but also offer pop-up (not linked to the banners). The minimum for payout is 5$ for both and there are no minimum requirements for joining. eroCPM: https://herocpm.com/?ref=OTAxX2FiY2RlZg==
    FidelityMedia: http://fidelity-media.com/?ref=046c0551

  17. Thank your for providing great list of best CPM ad networks. After unapproved from Google Adsense I am searching for the best CPM ad network and found that H12 Media is the best and worked well with good CPM for my blog. I have written a review of H12 Media Ads along with my experience and payment proof.

  18. Hey, Try Adotize.com . I too searched for many networks at now i’m comfort with adotize.com. They are giving good cpm rates

  19. Don’t be foolish with other networks. I have got one good high paying legit ad network which offers 10 $ bonus and that gives 0.39 $ to 2.50 $ cpm (i have got $ 10.10 cpm once with this network). 6 payment proofs already, and got $ 15 sign up bonus. Sign up now with my referral link and get upto 15 $ bonus. Link: http://advertopia.com/index.php?rp=649

  20. Hello friends,
    currently im using only native ads of adnow.com and they are paying 1$ for 10,000 impression… it is very less for me so any friends could suggest me a good cpm network for hindi news/entertainment site.

    My Website name is http://www.gyanpanti.com

    • CPM depends a lot on your niche and target audience geography/country. As in your case, your content is entirely targeted towards Indian Audience hence the low CPM.
      For a better CPM try using AdsOptimal and try to make more content from the financial sector. Banking and Insurance are one of the highest CPM advertisers.

  21. If you are thinking to have native ads, Payclick can be an option.The rate is different for every country. But the payment is on time and the widget is easy to install.

  22. I am interested in monetizing our inventory and I would like to reach out to the media buying department. Ad Slugger has HQ inventory and we would like to place your ads across all our available sites.

  23. great and very usefull article for all bloggers.

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