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Top 6 Google AdSense Alternatives of 2016

Your Blogs revenues matter and if you’re banned by Google for some mistake while handling the precious Adsense Account or were summarily rejected on applying…here are the alternatives to Google Adsense. These Ad Networks match the same quality, contextual nature, and multi-device functionality with a high fill rate. Most of them use CPC, CPM combination with Display Ads, Text Ads and more.

The Typical Top # Advertising Programs Posts

Most of the Bloggers who write about blogging have their list of Top 10 Advertising Programs or Adsense Alternatives, but I don’t agree the lists are any good. They are just made for the sake creating a list. What I’ve sorted in this list is only the one that work, are contextual and really make your Blog make money. And not make money at the expense of user experience.

Don’t Make Your Website A Place Full Of Garbage

Serve Quality Adverts or No Adverts.

Most of them would include Advertising networks like Bidvertiser, Chitika or RevenueHits to complete their stretched lists and posts. I would ask them to implement these on their Blog first and see what kind of Ads they get. Ad Networks like Chitika and RevenueHits, both included are pretty fast on approvals, no eligibility criteria and have a very good landing page. But when it comes to Ads, they are least contextual and make your site look like a torrent page or a fake site. I’ve covered the harms of using sub-standard Advertising networks in details at the end of this post. Don’t miss – Or you may even loose your website.

If you have pretty heavy traffic on your Blog, you can try one from the Top 10 CPM Advertising Networks for 2015 to make money with your Blog.

Top 5 Google AdSense Alternatives

1. Medianet


MediaNet is a Yahoo-Bing Networks company and has a huge advertising pool. You don’t have to worry about the fill rates or the quality of Ads with this program. With page level conceptualized Ads and dynamic optimization, MediaNet is one Ad program that you would require if you are not with Adsense.

Comparing to Google Adsense, MediaNet offers very good RPM and customer service is responsive. If you want to see the actual proof, how much money you can make with MediaNet just check this Yahoo Bing Networks – Medianet Review at Yakezie who has been using it for five years now.

Here’s a Medianet 10% Extra Earning Coupon for our users. The Coupon gives you 0% extra earings for threee months and is being offered by our friends at Monetizepros.

2. AdsOptimal

AdsOptimal (earlier known as Social Nation Inc) was established in October 2012 and is located inSan Francisco, California. The company is founded by Brad Phaisan and is backed by investors like YCombinator, Andersson Horowitz and many more. From being a promising start-up, this company has grown into a leading AdNetwork, competing with some of the top players in the arena.

The company is driven by technology and has incorporated the latest techniques to its sleeve. Another great feature AdsOptimal provides is Virtual reality Ads. The Ads are very beautiful and very high conversion rates. All Ads are mobile optimized and AdsOptimal also has plugins for WordPress and Joomla based websites. The company pays via Paypal and Check, with three different payment schedules.

Sign-up For AdsOptimal Now and get a $15 Credit to your Account.

3. SkimLinks

Recommended and Preferred Affiliate PartnerRead The Complete Review Here

Skimlinks-google-adsense-alternativeSkimLinks is an Auto Affiliation Network and also a Network of Networks giving you access to more than 53 Affiliate networks and 20,000 merchants. So you don’t need to register with individual Affiliate programs and networks to promote across brands and stores. With Skimlinks, you can promote products across networks and merchants (ex. Commission Junction, Shareasale, Rakuten Linkshare, Amazon, eBay, and many more) through a single login. You can use Skimlinks with Contextual Advertising Programs to make the most of your Blogs content. SkimLinks is the perfect partner for sites with product-related links and keywords on any niche from fishing to fashion or technology to travel. No advertising, no banners, just simple relevant links to retailers your users love.

Skimlinks also simplifies one of the main issues faced by Amazon Associate affiliate marketers i.e. Being required to create and manage links with multiple Amazon Associate Id’s across Amazon stores in different countries. If you’re promoting Amazon Products here’s a detailed view how Skimlinks helps you promote products across Amazon Stores and get a commission.


Screenshot of Skimlinks Dashboard

4. BuySell Ads

Buy Sell Ads is one of the leading Ad Networks or I can say an Ad Exchange which can replace the Ads on your blog. The biggest advantage with BuySellAds is you can sell your Ad space directly to Advertisers and set your own minimum ask pricing for every Ad space. You can be specific for CPC or CPM Ads.

Advertisers bid for the available Ad space and the highest Bidder wins. BuySellAds takes a 25% as commission and the rest 75% is yours.

Apart from getting a higher price for your Advertising real estate, this gives you complete transparency about how much the advertiser is paying for the Ad space. With Google Adsense never know how much the Advertiser is paying for the space and how much is Google’s share.

5. AdEngage

With more than 7 Billion Ad Impression every month, Adengage is one of the biggest Advertising networks you can opt for. AdEngage has more than 10000 Advertisers and guarantees 100% fill rate. Similar to BuySellAds you can sell your inventory at your own ask price, but this a CPC Ad network. Highly optimized Ads and transparency make this one of the best alternatives to Google Adsense.

Eligibility Requirements are simple like have fresh and unique content, Alexa rank of 1000,000 and below. Only English Website/Blogs are approved.

6. VigLink

VigLink is not a contextual Ad network but an auto-affiliation network similar to Skimlinks. If you have a Blog that speaks about products then VigLink can monetize every product by affiliation it automatically to the leading stores, saving your time. VigLink makes it simple by Auto Affiliation of products across multiple E-Stores or affiliation programs. With a large merchant base across product verticals, VigLink is the only network across all affiliate programs. So no signing up with multiple Affiliate Programs. VigLink also automatically converts existing outgoing links to Affiliate programs.

You can use VigLink with other contextual Advertising Networks and also with Adsense, as it does not violate Google Adsense policies. Google is one of the largest stakeholders in VigLink.

Words Of Caution:

Most so called experts suggest Advertising Networks like Bidvertiser, InfoLinks, Chitika etc. Beware sites like Bidvertiser publish Ads which have phishing codes embedded and may get your site penalised by google. Others like Chitika RevenueHitz serve pretty low qyuality Ad’s and popup/pop-unders which are pretty much disliked by vsitors. As for Infolinks, I personally don’t like Text-Link-Ads as they spoil the Visitor’s experience on your Blog. As I said earlier – “Quality Ads or No Ads.”

If you think I’m over-exaggerating the threat here a link to actual problems faced by Bloggers using these networks – Website Disappeared from Google Search

Screenshot Dated 01-21-2016 of a Website Blocked by Google for Phishing Attacks. The Site was using Bidvertiser.


Even if you’re rejected by Google for the Adsense program, don;t make any hasty bad moves like the example above. There are many Ad networks and also other ways to monetize your Blog/Website. So don’t lose heart and don’t make bad decisions. While Advertising revenues seem to be the easiest source for monetization, a lot more money can be made using Affiliate Marketing, Product Sales, e-learning and other activities. I’ve helped many Bloggers Turn around their Blog into profitable passive income machines – and the most common problem has been their focus on making pennies. Look at the bigger picture if you really want to make money online.

I’ve listed the best networks that will serve quality Ads and once you start with these networks you will never think about Adsense again. Check out Can Your Blog Gift You A Benz – Make Money with your Blog for more ideas to monetize your Blog.

Over To You

The Top 6 List has been made upon my personal research using open source information and reviews. If you think it needs to be corrected or include some names, kindly post in the comments section. If it seems the traffic eligibility requirement is too high, try these most surprising ideas to promote your blog.

The most successful and fastest way to make money using your Blog is to have a Business built around your Blog. Want to know how they do it and learn the secrets of How to make million starting from Zero with my new program “Xero To Millions”

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7 responses on "Top 6 Google AdSense Alternatives of 2016"

  1. I am using Chitika on my blog since 3 or 4 months but there is no “clicks” happend since then. I think this belongs to the traffic on my webiste. There is no so much traffic on my blog. can you please tell me if there is another method to get clicks on ads and how can I get more traffic to my website within 2 months. Keep blogging…

    • Hi Sam,
      Just had a look at your Blog. I couldn’t find any Ads. Als move from Chitika to something like Adsense. Chitika doesn’t have s much good inventory. Also the Ads aren’t contextual..which is the prime reason of no clicks.You can also try Adsoptimal. Register to Adsoptimal from the link in the above article and you can start with a $10 extra credit.

  2. I have had a very good read through here and there is some fantastic information.
    I personally use Infolinks and Qadabra them seem to be doing a pretty good job although i have found sometimes Qadabra sometimes an annoying popup comes up on your screen about flash player has stopped working and your screen freezes for at least 15 seconds maybe just me i don’t know but all the same they seem pretty good so far.

  3. Thanks for sharing this list Harsh. Also, I would like to recommend Advertise.com to be a part of the list too. Since, I have been using it for almost 2 years now and it is one of the most competitive network which helped me made money when my website was not being accepted onto Adsense. Now I am going to try register my website for one more network too.

  4. Google adsense is a very popular way of making money online, and yes they can be very strict. I had one blog that was banned because I was getting to much spam traffic on one of the pages I placed the Google ad on. I was a new blogger, and still very much am, but I really didn’t understand what had happened. But, their adsense program is so creditable because they are so strict. Their advertisers feel that they can be safe with them, and that’s a good reputation to have. They pay very high and like you said, the more traffic, the more income you can make by working hard.

  5. Indeed a very good post. Just wanted to share the article I was reading about
    adsense alternatives. A very useful one! Bloggers looking for adsense alternatives must read.

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