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Why It’s Tough To Make Money With Google Adsense

Making Money with Google AdSense is not as easy as it looks. Just place the Ad code and you start earning, that’s a lot deceptive. So why has it become so difficult. Through out my Blogging experience I’ve seen trends change, new players coming in the Internet Advertising Markets and also challenging the Google monopoly. Though Google has introduced lots of new features through these years, but still it’s difficult to make money with Adsense. I found these to be the top reasons. Keep reading to find out.

1. PPC Program

Most of the internet users know it’s an Ad and can differentiate an Advertisement from the content. So no clicks till it’s really interesting to the viewer. Google Adsense is mainly a pay-per-click ad network. Though it pays for impression but that’s very low. If you have the traffic then its advisable to move to a CPM program.

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2. Low Payments

Google Adsense sometimes pays as low as 0.01 for a click. In a world where getting a Click on an Ad so difficult, 0.01 is very disappointing. The key to get more money per click is to get High CPC AdSense Ads on your Blog. Also there are other factors that dictate what CPC and RPM you will get. Compared to some other Advertising networks its pretty low in such a competitive market.

3. Lack of Control on Adsense.

As Publisher you have very little control with Google Adsense on what is the minimum amount you would charge for your Ad space.

Its like Renting the Ad Space to Google AdSense and asking Google to decide the Rent.


4. Limitations of ToS

Google Adsense puts limitation to what content you publish. I know porn and piracy is bad, but I know good Blogger have been banned by Google for putting links to some so called hacking resources. It also limits with numbers of Ads on a page which can be understood, but also on using other Advertising Networks in conjunction with AdSense. Google implements its ToS so strictly that you may never know when an unintentional mistake may land you out of Adsense. There’s no appeal. You may never reach a real person in Google in case you want to speak with regarding an issue.

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5. Lack of Transparency

Compared to other networks Google Adsense provides very less transparency on why you are paid X amount for the Advertisements you display. Can you find out by any means what is Google’s share in certain Advertisement and what you’re getting. Google says its around 32:68, but with the mix of Ads it really impossible to verify.


Though it is tough to work with Google Adsense, still it’s the preferred choice due to quality contextual Ads and high fill rate. Google is still the best Advertising network when it comes to contextual ads across geographies. Also there are very little alternatives if you are using Adsense for Videos and AdMobs for mobile device advertising.

Google’s partnership with DoubleClick fro Publishers and AdExchange Program has somewhat solved the problem of transparency, but that’s only for the larger players. The smaller fry has to still dance to the tunes of Google if they wish to work with Google.

Some Closing Words

There are also other ways to monetize your Blog and make more money than just from ad spaces.

Kindly suggest any ideas you think should be included in this post.

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2 responses on "Why It's Tough To Make Money With Google Adsense"

  1. im glad you spoke about this for i was recently disapproved for google Adsense. I am trying to build my audience and find a means to bring in income. I am glad to see there are more options for exposure. question: is there any other means of exposure beyond ADword.

    Tashi- Instagram @financialmakeups_breakups


  2. June Warren C. BordasMarch 23, 2015 at 1:12 amReply

    Very well said. Me too feel the same and almost to disappoint. I did anything to promote but still have no income because of that reality.

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