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Google Bombs – When Google Goes Wrong

Strange Things Happen – When the Internets Almighty Messes Up

The Internets Almighty Google is not perfect… But is so respected that when it makes mistakes they are taken as Facts – Facts which are sometime tasteless, controversial but most of the time so hilarious that the world goes ROFL. Google Bombs were originally known as “search engine bombs” before Google became the biggest and almost default term for online search. That should signify that these “bombs” have been around for quite some time, the first dating back to 1999.

So What Is A Google Bomb?

Google Bombs or Google Bombing as it is called, is a concerted attempt by a group of people (normally Bloggers or Politically Competitors), where in a Page or Website is targeted to be ranked in the Top Position in search results for a particular phrase. This is done using Google’s own algorithmic calculation methods for ranking the search results. The group normally led by a blogger build a huge quantity of links to the targeted webpage or website with the phrase.

Once done internet users can search for the phrase and get the targeted page as the top result in their search results. With changes in Google’s algorithms such Google Bombs are hard to pull off, but Web Developers around the world keep on competing for creating such Google Bombs from time to time. Though not many have been reported recently some of them are so humorous or thought-provoking that they shall always be Google’s infamous history.

Here’s Top Google Bombs List

1. More Evil Than Satan Himself

So whats more evil than the Satan – Are you Wondering. According to Google – Its Microsoft. This Google Bomb in November 1999 linked the Redmond based tech giant to the phrase “More Evil Than Satan Himself”. Any search for the phrase would bring the Microsoft website as the 1st result in search pages. And since Google works by analyzing links and content of other web pages on the Internet, it is safe to conclude that most people of earth fear the Redmond-based mega-company more than anything the Prince of Darkness can muster.more-evil-than-satan-google-bomb

It didn’t stop there. Not only did Google Bombs work, they were also becoming an effective tool in web propaganda.

2. Weapons of Mass Destruction

“Weapons of mass destruction” was a Google Bomb criticizing the US Iraq politics. So if you searched for this phrase in Google and hit the “I’m feeling lucky” button, the top result would be a normal “Error 404 Page not found” page, but with the Message of “Weapons Of Mass Destruction Cannot Be Displayed”


3. Miserable Failure

This was the Biggest and most prominent of Google Bombs – The one that forced Google to look into its algorithms and change the way search results are delivered. Any search for the phrase “miserable failure” brought the White House Biography page of George Bush then President of the United States. The hilarious part that was not intended to be part of the Google Bomb was the second result showing past President Jimmy Carter’s Biography. This Google Bomb took 3 years to be diffused and a complete search algorithm update by Google.


4. Trou Du Cul Du Web (The A*hole of The Internet)

“Trou du cul du web” (or “The A**hole of the Internet”) was the phrase used to Google bomb the French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s website in 2009. Many did agree with the Trou Du Cul phrase.sarcozy-nicholas-google-bomb

5. Completely Wrong

In October 2012, searching the phrase “completely wrong” on Google images, returns pictures of Mitt Romney, the Republican Nominee for the U.S. Presidential Election in 2012.


6. Find Chuck Norris

If you would enter “find Chuck Norris” in Google and hit the I’m Feeling Lucky button this what you would get. It takes you to Arran Schlosberg’s site NoChuckNorris.com. Designed to look like a Google results page, you would receive the comic ‘error’ message “Google won’t search for Chuck Norris because it knows you don’t find Chuck Norris, he finds you.”


7. French Military Victories

The French always end up as military toast, or so it seems from a search on the popular Google search engine. Similar to the Chuck Norris landing page, the phrase “french military victories” and the “I’m Feeling Lucky” search brought this rather hilarious result – “Did you mean: french military defeats”, and no other results to speak of. A Canadian student was behind the prank that says no documents are found in a Google search for “French military victories.”


8. Dangerous CultScientology_google_bomb

A year later after Google claimed to have updated their algorithms against Google Bombs there was the “Dangerous Cult” Google Bomb. Groups of Anti-scientology campaigners linked the Church of Scientology as the top match for the search phrase “Dangerous Cult”.

9. Worst Band In The World

“Creed” according to Google. Although it’s fixed now, you used to be able to type “the worst band in the world” in Google and search it. “Creed” would be seen everywhere.


10. Murder

In February 2011 one more Google Bomb rocked the Internet. Created by anti-abortion groups, the Google Bomb brought the following page when searched for the phrase “murder”anti-abortion-google-bomb

11. Terrorist Sympathizer – Bill O’Reilly

Offended by his comment welcoming Al Qaeda to ‘blow up the Coit Tower’ in San Francisco. BoR has a strong distaste for the liberal San Francisco and surrounding Bay Area, claiming that the city has been “hijacked by the radical left” – A group of activists Google Bombed the phrase “terrorist sympathizer” to show Bill O’Reilly Official Homepage as the top result.terrorist_sympathizer_google_bomb

12. Santorum


Angered due to Politian Rick Santorum Anti-homosexual remarks in 2003, author and columnist Dan Savage and his fans created a Google Bomb that linked the phrase “Santorum” when searched in Google led to an A*****x page to the top result Rick Santorum complained to Google in 2011 which let to more publicity of the Google Bomb. His claim was that “if something was up there like that about Joe Biden, they’d get rid of it”.

13. Buffone

In 2006 if you were to search the term Buffone (Italian for – Clown) in Google search the top result displayed was that of Italian President Silvio Berlusconi’s Website.



Some more like the Paris Hilton Google Bomb was in bad taste and gave the world a hint of how bad it can get when the Internets Almighty goes wrong. We will still be waiting for more such Google Bombs for all the guaranteed laughs offered.

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April 7, 2015

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