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Site Speed and Search Rankings – How To Make It Blazing Fast

With changes in Google’s search algorithms, Site Speed or I would say Page Speed has become an important ranking factor. Google has always worked to present its users with the best results for their search queries. And recently Google, as well as other Search Engines added Site Speed as one of the criteria’s for search result rankings. Many new Bloggers ignore this aspect and dearly pay with lower ranking even after publishing great content.

How important is Site speed for your search ranking?

What should I tweak if want to get my site delivered insanely fast?

You may have many such questions and I just found an answer for you. I’m sharing with you an interesting Infographic by fellow Blogger Matt Banner from OnBlastBlog. Matt Haas worked hard to bring in all this info in a single infographic – a laudable effort. And I think this would be quite helpful for new and upcoming Bloggers who are striving to make it Big. Worth a share

Improve Website Speed
Credit: On Blast Blog


Thank You Matt for creating such wonderful Infographic .


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