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Surprising Simple Ideas to Promote Your Blog

Simple Effective Steps to Promote Your Blog and Generate High Volume Traffic

With more than a Billion Blogs online and high-end marketing strategies of large companies where does your Blog stand. This article is about some Simple Steps to Promote your Blog and generate high volume quality traffic to your content. These will seem pretty simple ideas but consistency is the key. It’s Not a Do it-Forget It job.

Read further only if you are committed. You would be Surprised to read how much traffic you can get with these simple ideas.

With quality content and these simple yet effective steps to promote your Blog, you can get your Blog at the top. You don’t have to pay an SEO Consultant or fill your post with Keywords to get Traffic and Search Rankings.

Talking with a dancing crowd

Blogging is a field with no entry barriers. It doesn’t matter who you are or what connection you have. Everyone gets an equal chance to place their ideas/content. But few become successful, while the rest just exist or die Traffic is the inspiration of every Blogger and with no traffic many a Blogs meet their online-grave. You may have great content but without the right promotion it’s just one more Blog. Without effective Blog promotion strategy your Blog may just be there existing, trying to get attention but not seen.

The ways to Promote your Blog to generate high value quality traffic is an art in itself and you can master it with these simple ideas. If your Blog has good traffic, Can your Blog gift your Benz – Make Money with Your Blog

Use Social Networking Sites


With more than billion face book accounts you can effectively promote your Blog using Facebook. Start with Creating a Fan page for your Blog on Facebook. Add new friends, invite them to join the page and increase your activity by posting small updates about you blog. Example – “Writing a short review on SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, shall share with you soon.” To effectively promote your Blog keep on posting updates about small activities that you are doing on your Blog. This helps you to make your friends a part of your blogging activity. Share every post you publish on you Blog to your Facebook timeline and fan pages with a small request to share. With your friends involved in the steps you’ve taken you will surely get shares, likes as well as Traffic. This step to promote your blog helps you with valuable back-links which will rank you better in search engine results.


Google+ is the biggest community where you can promote your Blog. Similar to Facebook, Create a page for you Blog on Google+. Add new friends and increase your activity by posting small updates about you blog. Keep your circle engaged. Join Groups same as mentioned above. Share every Blog post with your Google+ circles. With Google+ you have an advantage of ticking a box to send shared post via email to your circles. This gives you additional coverage, traffic and back-links. Very important from SEO point of view.


Promote your Blog with your Twitter followers. Follow like-minded people, other Bloggers in your niche. Connect your Twitter account with your Facebook account to forward your Tweets to your Timeline and your Blogs fan page. This will relive you of posting the same thing at multiple places as Tweeting those small updates on Twitter will get posted on Facebook also. Post curiosity generating tweets like “Reviewing Canon Point and Shoot. Found something very interesting. Get more with upcoming review on example.com”. Twitter can generate very good amount of traffic depending on your followers so tweet a link after you publish a post on your Blog.


With using Linkedin to promote your Blog you have to be professional. Here people mean Business so don’t post small updates like you post on Facebook or Google+. Join the best possible groups in your niche with the maximum number of members. Get your profile info in shape as you are here to create an impression. Share your Blog post with your connections and Groups. Sharing your Blog Post on Linkedin helps you get quality traffic as people on Linkedin don’t come for entertainment. This is highly valuable traffic as these will be the regular visitors to your Blog. The advantage of sharing with Linkedin Groups is group members are mailed daily or weekly activity of the group with links to posts. What you get is High quality Traffic which will comment, share and keep on visiting.

Caution : Don’t spam you may get blocked and kicked out of groups. If you’re a loose writer be ready for the highly critical comments.

Use Social Bookmarking and Discussion Sites

Reddit, Delicious, Stumbleupon, Digg

Promote you blog using social bookmarking sites by signing-up with Social bookmarking sites and creating a strong profile with relevant images. Share every Blog post link to these accounts. The easiest way to do it, is to add Share buttons on your Blog and sharing every-time you publish a new Post. This will help you in SEO ranking and will also get you traffic.

Use Guest Blogging

If you think Guest Blogging is gonna help you get back-links and a Better SEO score, forget it. Recently in an interview Google’s Matt Cutts said “Guest Blogging back-links for SEO is dead” – as it was resulting in lot of spam. But still it has value if your Authorship is being Published. Always do Guest Blogs on sites with high traffic in your niche. It will help you to establish your Domain Authority and may also bring you visitor from that Blog. From search rankings perspectives its dead.

You can post a Guest Post on Blogs n Clicks using the Contribute page.

Create And Post Videos

Every one knows Google is the top search engine. But you would be surprised to know, Youtube is the largest video search engine online. You can promote your Blog using Youtube by creating some good Videos in your niche. Just upload them to Youtube and incorporate the Videos in you Blog posts. Promoting you Blog using Youtube can bring in very high amount of Traffic, as well as an enhanced visitors experience on your Blog. This can help you with better ranking in search results also.

Join Forums

You can promote your Blog by joining Online Discussion Forums in your niche area and topics where your Audience gathers.Be active in the forums and post strong comment. Don’t post links to your Blog, that would look very gross. Just update your Blog info in your profile and be active in discussions. Post a link to your Blog only when a topic you’ve covered is being discussed. Forums will give you topic targeted Audience who know what they are doing. This is high value traffic which will share your posts and will be repeated visitors.

Send A Mail To Your Friends

Last and the most effective way to promote your Blog is to send an email with a link of your Blog Post to your friends asking them visit and share the post on their social networks. This creates a one to one contact and can help you get traffic.

How Much Traffic will you get with these simple steps.

Implementing these simple ideas to promote your Blog can get you lot of traffic, not only from your friends and shares but also from search engines. To get traffic from search engine you have to land-up in the first few search results of a query. The way search engines select the results to show, within a few days you will be at the top.

To get on top of Search Engine rankings you just require three things

1. Quality Content

2. Follow SEO Best Practices

2. Links from Other Sites

3. Shares and Likes

What search engines look for while giving search results is what are people reading, sharing and recommending.Just follow the above steps consistently and you can see huge traffic coming search engines. No amount of great SEO techniques or filling up Keywords can get you the results.

Promote your Blog with these simple ideas and you can see there’s No Red Signal to your Blogs Traffic

Some Closing Lines

Kindly suggest any ideas you think should be included in this post. Don’t have a Blog yet, create one with 9 Simple Steps to create your own Blog


If you’re a writer having great writing skills, you can try posting a Guest Post on Blogs n Clicks.

If you enjoyed post this kindly give a Like and spread it to your friends by sharing on Facebook, Twitter etc. It may be helpful to them Expecting great comments, insights and shares.

Your Comments, Shares and Likes are our Motivation……


February 22, 2015

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  1. I’m not that much of a internet reader to be honest but your blogs really nice, keep it up!
    I’ll go ahead and bookmark your website to come back in the future.

    All the best

  2. had read this sometime back and was implementing your recommendations. It’s one week and I could realy see traffic improvements on my site. Kudos Blogsnclicks

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