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Best Podcasting Plugin For WordPress

Some Simple Plugins that make it easy to publish and share your Podcasts on your WordPress Blog/Website.


  • Blubrry – Powerpress

    This is a very powerful WordPress plugin that can be used for hosting your audio and creating the podcast feed that you use to syndicate to iTunes, Stitcher and the other podcast networks. You can simply use the plugin for feed purposes. The Powerpress plugin allows you to setup your podcast on your blog. You take the URL for the audio that is uploaded to your media host and put it into the blog post (show notes) and it places a player in your post and sends the file to the podcast networks. One of the most valuable and recommended plugins.

  • Pretty Link Lite

    Pretty Link allows you to make a custom link that redirects somewhere else. This way instead of giving out http://www.speakpipe.xyz/BlogsnClicks​ you can give out https://xerotalent.com/resources This is branded to you and your site which looks more professional. Plus it is just a simpler way to communicate a URL. You can also use this tool to track clicks. You can create pretty links for all your episodes with the same naming convention.

  • Seriously Simple Podcasting

    Simple settings so you can get your podcast up and running quickly. You can run multiple podcasts from the same site – each with their own, unique RSS feed. New Podcast post type and series taxonomy for managing your podcast episodes. You can use any post type for your podcast episodes. Highly configurable and robust RSS feed designed for all podcast services and feed readers, including iTunes, Stitcher Shortcodes & widgets for displaying podcast episode lists as well as single episodes anywhere on your site. You can also create Playable episodes using the built-in WordPress media player

  • Magic Action Box

    This is another plugin for WordPress that allows you to put custom email opt in forms at the bottom of your blog post. This plugin helps you build your email list. And the nice thing is you can create a very specific list for podcast listeners and then offer them an incentive to signup. Each post can have a unique email subscribe offer.

  • Simple Podcast Press

    More than just a sleek simple podcast player for your web site, it’s also great lead generator, publisher and promotion tool. Incredibly simple to set up yet surprisingly powerful, it works with PowerPress to help you grow your audience and list, see your international iTunes reviews, share links and more.

Other Tools and Accessories

Podcasting success depends on content and media quality of the content. Here’s a list of the best associated tools and resources that you can use, making you a real professional and your content recorded at your home office sounding like straight from the Studio.

Moving Forward – More Professional Resources

Some Closing Words

Share your experience and suggestions in the comment section. If you plan to start Podcasting and are confused where to start, contact me and I will surely help you.

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